Installed on January 7, 2017


Improved password policy that can be configured for customer account upon request:

  • Password history can be configured
  • Password minimum aging can be configured
  • Password maximum aging can be configured


Installed on 19/11/2016


  • Custom Footer
  • Custom Email Outbound Restrictions
  • If you 'Share' a document, There was a missing link in the mail notification


Improvements and some fixed issues

  • Issue fixed with incorrect step number shown while importing projects from Excel
  • Issue fixed with GetProjectImportStatus returns and status which is not recognized by the JS code
  • Issue fixed with Submitting multiple imports via excel freezes the front end
  • Issue fixed with Import locking up after submitting a number of excel files
  • Issue fixed with Importing mutliple excels disables the import via excel link
  • Issue fixed with Import fails dialogue close button unresponsive
  • Issue fixed with Queueing and Import doesnt show progress dialogue or count or create the projects



Installed on 30/10/2016


  • Remember the expanded/collapsed state of the tasks in the widget
  • Enable drag&drop in the selected tasks box to provide easier reordering of the selected tasks


Improvements and some fixed issues

  • Issue fixed with Project's group members not shown in Progress/Members list
  • Issue fixed with Long numbers cut in widgets
  • Issue fixed with Toggling between Tasks and Overview pages
  • Issue fixed with Member acticity
  • Issue fixed with Analytics default dashboard displays empty after refresh
  • Issue fixed with Usernames of text users (contacts) in a group not shown in Project Members list
  • Issue fixed with Project's group members not shown in Progress/Members list
  • Issue fixed with Project creation in pipeline crashes when having none visible stages
  • Issue fixed with Sometimes analytics default dashboard displays empty after refresh
  • Issue fixed with Search functionality in Task Progress widget gets disabled after several projects are added
  • Issue fixed with 'Download file' button is not shown when 'Group by' filter is applied



Installed on 15/10/2016


  • Project Import progress displayed.
  • Project Import has completed notification.
  • Logging added to project imports.

Improvements and some fixed issues

  • Issue fixed with some emails going to users SPAM folder.
  • Issue fixed with project importer and trying to upload an attached excel spreadsheet.
  • Issue fixed with Importing from Excel.
  • Issue fixed with notification email when replying to comment.
  • Issue fixed with importing large excel task files.


Installed on 9/17/2016


  • Task permissions can be set for groups of users

Improvements and fixed issues

  • Tooltips in the Task Permissions view now contain task names for better navigation in the grid.
  • Fixed issue with traffic light project field change not being reflected in the project activity feed.
  • Fixed issue with document “modified” date being updated after a user is removed from a project.
  • Fixed issue with group members not being visible in the task assignment menu.
  • Fixed issue with error popping up when user tries to delete a task.

Notable behavior changes

The “Visible” task permission now allows users to see who is assigned as responsible for the task in addition to seeing the task title.


Installed on 8/27/2016

  • Overall progress can be displayed in the Task Progress widget in Analytics
Improvements and fixed issues
  • Task Progress widget now displays percentage values in the progress bars.
  • Fixed issue with multiple-choice cover page field’s values being reset when the cover page field was modified.
  • Fixed issue with task import from Excel under a selected task.


Installed on 8/6/2016

  • Task Progress widget for Analytics
  • Multiple Choice and Checkbox cover page fields
Improvements and fixed issues
  • It is now possible to import list of values for Choice field from a plain text list (past from clipboard)
  • Fixed user activity feed not loading
  • Fixed Issue dialog not opening in Safari
  • Fixed project activity feed not loading after an issue status change
  • Improved performance of the Users, Data, and Tasks views.


Installed on 6/11/2016

  • Improved Pipeline view performance
  • Fixed a usability issue that could lead to an accidental removal of multiple tasks
  • Office integration can now be disabled to always force download of documents instead of opening them in Office applications directly.
  • Weekly and daily e-mails now do not contain notifications about Guidance Only tasks
  • Improved performance of the Project Team page
  • Single sign-on authentication is now supported in the Office integration
  • Fixed issue that allowed project members to see a list of users from outside their project.
  • Permissions page now displays “responsible task users” on tasks


Installed 4/30/2016

  • Tasks due dates are now visible in the task tree. Due dates can be set in the task tree directly.
  • Start dates are not required for tasks when defining the schedule anymore.
  • Search in issues now supports searching for a selected field only.
  • Search in issues and pipeline now supports a selection of values for choice fields (and Stream in the Issues page).
  • Project members are now able to save their own search filters in pipeline and issues pages.
  • New task status "Guidance Only" has been added for tasks that are not meant to be tracked in project plans

End of Support Announcements

Starting with this update, Microsoft Office 2010 is not supported for direct edits of documents stored in Midaxo.


Installed 03/13/2016

  • Project admins can now specify up to 4 different task permission levels for project members
  • Project import now supports overwriting existing projects
  • Columns in Excel sheets are automatically mapped to project fields when importing a list of projects


Installed 01/31/2016

  • Performance improvements
  • Support for 1GB files

Version 1.2015.Release7.1549

Installed 12/06/2015

  • Multi dashboards in Analytics page
  • Copy projects between processes
  • Faster pipeline export

Version 1.2015.Release7.891

Installed 11/07/2015

  • Analytics export.
  • Task tree recycle improvents

Version 1.2015.Release6.1612

Installed 10/07/2015

  • Analytics feature.
  • Process level user groups feature.
  • Faster and better Tasks permissions page.

Version 1.2015.Release5.1084

Installed 09/05/2015

  • New user interface with major changes to styling.
  • Improved filtering to Pipeline and Data pages.
  • Ability to save filters.

Version 1.2015.Release3.781

Installed 07/04/2015

  • New layout and improvements to daily and weekly email reminders.
  • Export Users -list to Excel.

Version 1.2015.Release2.2990

Installed 06/06/2015

  • Events feature.

Version 1.2015.Release1.1715

Installed 03/14/2015

  • New date time format.
  • Ability to group project documents by task, issue and person who uploaded it.

Version 1.2015.Release1.1395

Installed 02/28/2015

  • Project owner role.
  • Inherited responsibility in “Tasks” list.
  • “Tasks” are exported to Word instead of PDF.
  • New export that combines “Goals” and “Guide”.

Version 1.2014.Sprint11

Installed 01/18/2015

  • Advanced pipeline filtering.
  • Project hierarchy.
  • Decision tree feature.

Version 1.2014.Sprint10

Installed 12/20/2014

  • New demotour for new trial accounts.

Version 1.2014.Sprint9

Installed 11/29/2014

  • Multi process feature enabled for all customers and new trial accounts.

Version 1.2014.Sprint8.1857

Installed 10/18/2014

  • Improvements to project “Overview” -page.
  • Faster task tree exports to excel.
  • New better looking word export of project cover page.
  • Multiple applications feature to Midaxo.
  • Faster user management page.

Version 1.2014.Sprint6.876

Installed 07/07/2014

  • Dependency management in task tree and Task Info -tab.
  • Color coding for issues and risks in Excel export.
  • Daily email: list of documents and comments from previous day.

Version 1.2014.Sprint5.915

Installed 06/08/2014

  • Issues/Risks management feature on task level.
  • Pipeline issue statistics.
  • Pipeline PDF export.
  • Faster task tree.

Version 1.2014.Sprint2.1956

Installed 05/04/2014

  • Product Demo Tour for trial account admins.
  • New method to assign responsibility in Task Tree.
  • Issues/Risks management feature on project level.
  • New design for log in page and signup page.

Version 1.2014.Sprint1.130

Installed 03/22/2014

  • Task Tree: Better tooltip for task title.
  • The tabs on Task Tree has new order: “Task Info” > “Documents” > “Activity” > “Schedule”.
  • Task Info page shows task title just like in Activity and Documents pages.
  • Task Info page: “Deal Notes” section is renamed to “Deal Notes / Goals”.
  • Project’s Progress page: On “Overview” section, click on a task’s name will take you to the “Task info” page.
  • Invalidate session Id when the user logs out.

Version 1.2014.Sprint1.129

Installed 03/15/2014

  • TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 enabled.
  • SSL 2 and SSL 3 disabled.
  • Welcome message to new registered trial customers.
  • Trial account admins will receive a notification by email 3 days before their accounts are expired.
  • Enable/disable Totango.
  • View states are now encrypted with more secure 3DES encryption.