Global electronics manufacturer reduces due diligence time by 50% on Midaxo’s end-to-end  M&A Platform.

Jochen Schultze

M&A Integration Expert


@ Nokia
2008 - 2017

@ Siemens
2004 - 2008

Jochen Schultze is a Post-Merger Integration Lead, formerly with Nokia and Siemens.

  • Managing the entire post-merger integration process;
  • Supporting the decision-making process of Executive Boards;
  • Guiding multifunctional teams across projects by applying best-practice project management skills.

In managing the post-merger integration phase of the M&A process we had been using a number of traditional tools - Excel, SharePoint and PowerPoint, etc. These unconnected solutions created organizational silos and caused a lot of difficulties – such as when bringing third parties into a deal. For example, other parties were sometimes using different versions of these tools, which would create repetition when manually reworking the documents being shared across them.

Prior to using a Smart M&A Platform the legacy-way of working created many problems. Across a deal there were frequent handovers, loss of information, the project team struggled for visibility and everyone had their own method of working. This created inefficiencies, increased the chances of a deal being error prone and was expensive.

Technology has really expedited the overall M&A process – for example, we have seen significant improvements in collaboration and project speed because we can connect people via the platform to the same source of truth. Additionally, we have been able to reduce the time it takes to run a due diligence project by over 50%. This kind of speed creates significant cost savings and a competitive advantage against other companies during the bidding process, where time is very limited.

By bringing technology into the M&A process we have been able to integrate multiple ways of working into a single solution everyone on a deal can use. A Smart M&A Platform can be used to manage the entire deal lifecycle and significantly reduces the amount of admin work typically associated with a deal. Integration plans can be seamlessly linked to due diligence findings while deal information is always available and up-to-date. Using technology to support the deal process has also helped target a higher level of M&A maturity and deeper institutional capability.

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