Why You Need More than a VDR to Run a Modern Divestment Process

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Divesting a company, business division or product line is a common M&A activity as companies seek to realign their portfolios, position themselves for future growth prospects and respond to market requirements. Project managing a divestment is a significant undertaking and can direct attention away from the running of everyday business operations – efficiency is therefore key.

In this month’s webinar, Tom Allen and Justin Briody of Midaxo will discuss how to run a more efficient M&A divestment project in Midaxo. The webinar agenda covers:

  • An overview of why taking an “analog” approach to project managing divestments is inefficient and why it makes sense to digitalize the process;
  • A walk-through of how the Midaxo platform can be configured for a divestment use case – including: how to project manage potential buyers, NDAs and key deal documents within a centralized platform;
  • How Midaxo removes the need for non-M&A specific tools and supports greater collaboration across teams;
  • How Midaxo can be used by a seller to prepare for a divestment and become “sales-ready.”

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