Real process solution

Manage everything from deal marketing to Due Diligence, contract making and carve-out.

Accelerated outcomes

Enhance process and collaboration to accelerate deal making.

Get the best deal terms

Take interactions with buyers and investors to the next level to get the best deal.

Secure CRM, VDR, Process, Collaboration in one

Business Benefits:

  • Combines process management with VDR capabilities
  • Makes the review process faster and more collaborative
  • Eliminates the need and high cost of traditional VDRs
  • Supports both single-buyer and multi-buyer DDs

Caters the modern sell-side process:

  • Sourcing and managing buyer/investor candidates
  • Selling the opportunity and building the relationships
  • Collaborative due diligence, virtualizing the company
  • Executing the carveout
  • Closing the deal
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