HPE wins the Corporate Counsel’s Best Legal Team 2016!



Security Certified Service


Data security and maintaining the confidentiality of information in an M&A context is crucial. That’s why we have robust security controls in place to ensure the safety of our customer’s data.


Run multiple parallel processes

Identify each process' own phasing, structure, best practice templates and users.

Institutionalize best practices

Increase quality and boost productivity throughout your organization.

Invite all stakeholders
and control access

Have full control over what processes and individual cases are accessed and work collaboratively.

Drive continuous improvement

Make it easy to improve processes based on learnings. Never make the same mistake twice.

“Using Midaxo in our daily workflow has been critical for our success. It allows us to continue to do research on new targets, and to centralize the information under one area, as well as share that information across multiple teams and different levels of the organization.

When you find a partner like Midaxo that will help you outside of your core business, you tend to stick with those partners. And that’s the type of partner that Midaxo is for AvidXchange.”

Jay Plueger

VP of Strategic Initiatives, AvidXchange

Midaxo-Pipeline Screenshot

The M&A pipeline management shows a visual overview of deals in different process phases. 
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