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M&A Software Platform for Software and IT Services

Software and IT services companies have used Midaxo to systematize and accelerate their dealmaking, whether that involves M&A, divestitures, intellectual property transactions, joint ventures, partnerships, or other corporate development transactions.

Software and IT services companies have used the Midaxo platform in a range of market segments including:

  • Software
  • SaaS
  • IT services
  • Hosting services
  • Networking equipment
  • Consulting services

Midaxo has powered thousands of Software and IT services-related transactions worth tens of billions of dollars. Companies have used the Midaxo platform to power their inorganic growth while private equity-backed businesses have enabled their roll up strategies.

Midaxo offers playbooks that help organizations set an initial baseline for their workflows, which they can customize over time to make the perfect playbooks for their situation. A wide range of playbooks are available in the Midaxo playbooks library.

Midaxo is an end-to-end solution for finding, evaluating, and delivering deal value. Midaxo CRM, VDR and integration management modules can be used separately or in combination. The Midaxo CRM enables companies to efficiently identify and manage their deal pipeline, reviewing up to 5x more targets than processes based on spreadsheets. The VDR enables companies to proactively manage the due diligence process, reducing time to close up to 50%. The post-deal integration module offers a playbooks-based approach that can shorten integrations up to 40%.

Alan Master
Associate Director of IT – Transformation, Operations & M&A

Alan Master discusses how Cognizant uses Midaxo to improve their dealmaking process and accelerate time to value.

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