Real Estate Rationalization
Flawless project execution at every location

A company’s growth strategy often requires opening, closing or updating physical locations such as offices, warehouses or retail stores.

Every location has to implement actions such as having employee briefings, acquiring or divesting real estate, training employees, updating branding and implementing IT systems.

Managing dozens, possibly hundreds, of parallel projects can be challenging. Midaxo makes it easy to define playbooks to guide work at each location and gain transparency to progress.

Customer Story
A large American bank used Midaxo to coordinate the divestiture of 50+ of retail locations. Being able to seamlessly run all the projects in parallel accelerated results by estimated 30%.

Common Uses


Human Capital

  • Post-M&A briefings
  • Training
  • Relocation
  • Onboarding


Project Implementation

  • IT/POS systems
  • Branding
  • Moves
  • PMO


Real Estate

  • Divestments
  • Acquisition
  • Leasing
  • Subleasing
Midaxo Multisite Pipeline Screenshot

See All Projects in One View

  • Single source of truth for managing all individual locations and associated projects.
  • Easily visualize how projects are progressing and where attention is needed;
  • Ensures no location goes forgotten.
Multisite 4

 Capture Best Practices with Playbooks

  • Execute on playbooks for opening, integrating or closing locations, etc. across best practice guidance and tasks.
  • Invite subject matter experts into the Midaxo platform. Assign responsibilities. Retain control.
  • Provide employees, contractors and stakeholders at each location with clear instructions and responsibilities – ensuring everyone is working from the same page.
  • Delegate responsibilities to local experts with less handholding.
Midaxo Locations Playbooks Screenshot
Midaxo Locations Gantt Screenshot

Manage Tasks in the Project View

  • Teams can collaborate in real-time at the local or global level;
  • Assign responsibilities and track task progress;
  • Remove communication barriers and bottlenecks across teams;
  • Store key information and documents in a secure cloud platform;
  • Promote project transparency with an automatic audit log of all events.

Increase Visibility with Real-time Analytics

  • Automate your workflow and save time with one-click reports and real-time dashboards;
  • Track KPIs at the individual project level or across an entire project spanning multiple locations and countries;
  • Analyze the efficiency of real estate and locations against custom metrics.
Midaxo Locations Reporting Screenshot

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