Smooth Location Opening, Closing, or Integration
After Acquisitions, Divestments, etc.

Challenges of Implementing Changes at Multiple Sites 

Disconnected Planning

Lack of communication and coordination between central planning and local-level execution.

Volume of Projects

Ad-hoc or inconsistent procedures. Multiple changes and real estate transactions occurring simultaneously.

Reduced Visibility

Tedious and time-consuming manual reporting and unidentified bottlenecks at the local level.

Playbook and Platform to Plan Globally and Implement Locally

Define a playbook to be adapted and executed for each location. Give clear guidance to dozens or hundreds of locations with room to maneuver locally. Track live progress, identify issues, and guide work as needed with one source of truth and automated reporting.

Benefits Midaxo Customers See

Implement Changes Quickly

Realize synergies quickly, profit from new locations sooner and minimize costs associated with closing locations. 

Unify Execution 

Ensure better communication between HQ and teams on the ground. Avoid missed steps and costly mistakes. 

Hit the Ground Running

Set your team up for continued success by capturing lessons learned. Have a playbook ready for future changes.

We used Midaxo to coordinate the integration and closure of 50+ of retail locations. Being able to seamlessly run all the projects in parallel accelerated results by an estimated 30%.”

~ Large American Bank

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Advantages of Midaxo


Used by top companies for multisite and real estate processes.


Build better, repeatable process. Quickly view progress with a centralized location and one source of truth. 


Straightforward and flexible interface for core and non-core team members to use.

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