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Flawless M&A multisite integration at every location

Successfully integrating newly acquired companies involves much more than signing on the dotted line. Many deals, particularly cross-border ones involving companies with a large footprint, have broad implications for those organizations and their real estate holdings.

Whether you are opening, closing or merging physical locations, there are a number of considerations. Evaluating existing contracts, communicating with employees, implementing IT systems, managing lease renewals and handling office logistics are just a few examples.

Midaxo provides a secure, collaborative software solution to manage real estate rationalization (RER) and everything that process entails. With our playbooks and platform, you can successfully plan, execute and report on your real estate management program.

See how Midaxo eases the challenges of multi-site integration and real estate rationalization.

Customer Story
A large American bank used Midaxo to coordinate the divestiture of 50+ retail locations. Being able to seamlessly run all the projects in parallel accelerated results by an estimated 30%.

Using Midaxo for Multi-Site Integration and Real Estate Rationalization



Give everyone involved the proper support and information in a single SaaS platform as your RER program proceeds.

  • Plan and coordinate employee communication and notifications
  • Manage employee transfers
  • Securely store employee data
  • Make new employee onboarding smooth and productive



Manage all project deliverables, targets and timelines in one central source of truth software solution.

  • Synchronize and update IT/POS systems
  • Update branding and related collateral
  • Track employee relocation plan progress
  • Integrate PMO support and cross-team collaboration



Keep tabs on the status of integration and upcoming tasks at each location with a purpose-built SaaS solution.

  • Divest of properties made redundant
  • Acquire new locations to support further expansion
  • Manage leasing and sub-leasing
  • Easily and comprehensively compare integration status by location
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Centralized Project Management Software Platform

Rely on one central source of truth for instant access and visibility into all projects and deliverables. Know what each location needs and how to best support all people, projects and buildings.

  • Store and manage all documents, communication and plans for each location in one secure cloud-based platform.
  • Switch between multiple locations and associated deliverables with a few clicks.
  • Clearly visualize how projects are progressing and where extra attention is required.
  • Easily communicate with teams across every location. Configure alerts, reminders and notifications to ensure every location is a priority.

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Capture Best Practices with Playbooks

Like other deal stages, multi-site integration should be approached by carefully combining proven strategy and tactics with adjustments made for the particular transaction and buyer. Our expert-developed real estate rationalization and integration playbooks help you get up and running immediately.

  • Execute confidently with Midaxo playbooks that offer detailed guidance on opening, integrating or closing locations, including process roadmaps, best practice guidance and task lists.
  • Know that everyone is working from the same page and with the right focus. Provide all employees, contractors, partners and stakeholders with the context and information required to keep moving forward.
  • Collaborate with industry experts within the Midaxo platform, giving them responsibility for their tasks while making sure they only see what’s relevant to that work.
  • Delegate responsibility to the right people at the right locations. Keep everyone involved communicating, with a clear view of next steps.

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Midaxo Locations Gantt Screenshot

Manage Multiple Tasks and Locations

The Midaxo project view feature makes it easy to drill down to project, task and location details. See the entire picture, from an encompassing view to individual assignments.

  • Get real-time visibility into task progress so you can prioritize accordingly. Know every aspect of multi-site integration execution is on track.
  • Assign responsibilities and monitor completion within one secure platform. See all documents, schedules and tasks with one click.
  • Rely on Midaxo’s secure cloud-based platform for protected document storage and sharing. Define permissions to control document and user access and stop spending time combing through emails.
  • Use project templates to craft the most effective process for your company and then easily duplicate that with a few clicks.
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Stay On Track with Real-Time Analytics

Know what needs to be done next and why. Real-time analytics and reporting give you the insights you need to stay informed and make strategic decisions on locations, people and projects.

  • Spend less time manually generating reports and more time working on the areas that matter most.
  • Automate your workflow with real-time dashboards and reports. Create your next deliverable with just a few clicks.
  • Maximize value creation at every location and across all teams by tracking KPIs of your choosing at the individual task level and across the entire project.
  • Have the ability to quickly and easily draw on previous projects and experiences to create accurate timelines for similar work in the future.

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