M&A Software for Acquisitive Platform Companies

Enabling systematic and efficient acquisition programs for roll-up, add-on, and tuck-in strategies

Midaxo was built for frequent acquirers

Get started quickly building your M&A machine: 

  • Standardize and systematize your process 
  • Create value while managing risk  
  • Get outcomes and results faster  
  • Gain better visibility into deal status  
  • Establish one source of truth for all deal actions
Image of M&A Software for Acquisitive Platform Companies

Reap the benefits of a Systematic M&A Software Platform

End-to-End Deal Execution

  • Deals progress from an idea to a target, through due diligence, and integration, all in one platform
  • Take advantage of Midaxo Insights when sourcing for basic deal information  
  • Keep all communication, including chats and emails, on one platform 
  • Maintain an auditable log of all actions

Visibility & Collaboration

  • Upload existing — or develop new —playbooks that include checklists, templates, standard documents, permissions, reports, etc.  
  • Use fine-grained and easily defined permissions to enable team members, sellers, and vendors to collaborate efficiently and securely 
  • Connect via API across Office applications, including Power BI and Outlook

Quick Adoption & Ease of Use

  • Get onboarded in a day with our first-class Customer Success team 
  • Import deal pipeline from your current CRM or playbooks 
  • Engage and train new team members, as well as sellers and vendors,  efficiently through online training

When you’re doing a lot of deals…

Your software tools need to help you establish an M&A blueprint, execute efficiently, report in real-time, and preserve deal data

Streamline your M&A process from pipeline to integration with Midaxo

Learn How Midaxo Can Power Your Dealmaking

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