Integrations Connect Your Tools and Platforms to Midaxo Cloud

Integrate your existing tools and platforms to create a seamless, end-to-end work management experience for your team members

Midaxo Cloud Integrations

Integrations with Platforms, Productivity Tools, Data Sources, and BI Solutions Enable Your Teams to Collaborate Seamlessly Throughout Your M&A and Corporate Development Processes

Increase collaboration, visibility, and consistency to enable more predictable inorganic growth and happier team members. Connect to your existing tools and platforms such as Excel, PowerPoint, Google and Salesforce to improve your workflows and processes. Users can seamlessly work in Midaxo Cloud while continuing to use the personal productivity tools and platforms they need to maximize productivity and work seamlessly with outside stakeholders.

Productivity tool integrations connect to your current ecosystem

While working on day-to-day corporate development projects, Midaxo Cloud users can directly connect to common productivity tools including Excel, Outlook, and GSuite to complement your workflows. Users can seamlessly work in Midaxo Cloud while continuing to use their preferred tools to interact with outside stakeholders.

Leverage the iPaaS in Midaxo Cloud to integrate with over one hundred best-of-breed tools

Use Midaxo Cloud as the record of reference for developing inorganic growth strategies and workflows while leveraging the capabilities of your existing tools to maximize efficiency. Automatically import data from various systems to build relationship intelligence for your projects. You can also connect to multiple enterprise platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, and email systems to centralize your corporate development work in a single source of truth.

Data marketplaces accelerate your dataflows with built-in integrations

Share data efficiently without compromising your current way of working. Reduce manual work by updating the Midaxo Value Tracker with dataflow automation. Leverage AI to import data from various third party partners and integrate with market-leading target sourcing information platforms such as Clearbit and PitchBook.

REST API powers business intelligence solutions

Leverage the Midaxo Cloud REST API and variety of connectors to integrate with your preferred reporting tools and your company’s business intelligence platform. Midaxo enables real-time connection to on-premises or in-cloud BI tools including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Domo.

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