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traditional M&A vs smart M&A

Old Way

traditional m&a process
  • Chaotic process, with extreme delays.
  • Lost information.
  • Value erosion.
  • High rate of deal failure.

New Way

smart m&a process
  • Real-time collaboration and communication.
  • Repeatable, systematic processes.
  • Incorporation of lessons learned.
  • Technology creating value with efficiency gains.

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Midaxo Exago Pipeline Analytics Screenshot

Review 5x more deals and find the best ones.

  • Automatically fetch basic target info and have one place for all documents and communications.
  • Easily define clear decision gates – promote good governance and compliance.
  • Have real-time reporting that eliminates manual preparation work.
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Fast-Track Due Diligence Processes Up to 50%.

  • Efficiently focus on business case validation, risk identification and understanding valuation impact.
  • Ensure efficient execution by clearly defining objectives, tasks and responsibilities.
  • Combine collaborative due diligence management with intuitive virtual data room capabilities - eliminating the need for high cost, traditional VDRs and disparate spreadsheets.
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Midaxo Due Diligence Screenshot
Midaxo Post-Merger Integration Screenshot

Accelerate Your Post Merger Integration Process Up to 40%.

  • Plan integration concurrently on IMO / function / workstream level.
  • Make relevant info easily available for team members, making them productive quicker with less training.
  • Achieve results faster by working collaboratively and having real-time visibility to progress.
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