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M&A Partners is an advisory firm dedicated to helping you achieve M&A integration success. We work across all industries and all stages of the deal lifecycle from strategy and due diligence through post-closing and optimization.  Our flexible delivery methods range from a single advisor working directly with your senior leaders, to staffing full enterprise integration teams, and a variety of specialized solutions in between.  


Golden Gate Consultants M&A Integration MastercampTM quickly elevates your team to a level of competence that previously took years of experience, a myriad of costly mistakes, and the risk of millions in lost value to achieve on your own.  This unique offering distills the best practices of the most successful serial acquirers into practical, actionable methodologies that enable your team to leapfrog the learning curve, reduce risk, avoid pitfalls and accelerate deal value.

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Waterstone Management Group helps the executives and private equity investors of technology companies create measurable value. Our M&A assistance includes acquisition strategy, due diligence, and post-transaction integration support.  Additional services include identifying and capitalizing on disruptive growth opportunities and driving excellence in Services, Cloud, and Customer Success performance.

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CEO Advisory was the first merger and acquisitions advisory firm dedicated to the credit union industry. We offer comprehensive process managing every step of the merger in a trust-based, highly confidential manner. Our assistance ranges from board education sessions to full merger project planning and oversight, from seller representation to acquirer representation.

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Intrinsic Law Corp. is a licensed specialty provider of high-end IP legal services with extensive background in engineering and physical sciences, software and related fields. They offer strategic intellectual property (IP) legal counsel to technology based clients, including IP due diligence, patent prosecution, licensing, litigation and related advising.


We do consulting differently.  We are a global management consultancy focused on post-merger integration. We believe that deep M&A experience is more valuable to clients than a large team. We take pride in working with internal teams to transfer our knowledge, acting as your on-demand, local-everywhere M&A team.

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Abyss Program Management has global experience and is dedicated to quickly ramping up your team, providing leadership training and M&A-specific tools to bring structure, help improve communication, cross-team coordination, visibility, and accountability. These capabilities are applicable to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and restructuring, and it can all be managed using AbyssPM tools.

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Simbain Consulting offers project coordination with Midaxo Platform for deal-related phases and in-depth project leadership in integrating management, product and customer processes. Our core is working with service intensive companies in, e.g., health care and technology sectors. Our office is in Helsinki, Finland, and our customers are in the Nordics.


The Portfolio Partnership specializes in scaling businesses by acquisition. We build M&A capability into organizations. We work alongside your leadership team to deploy our Acquisition Approvals Model to ensure only relevant targets are acquired, and integrated seamlessly. The TPP team are all successful C-Suite executives with deep operational and M&A experience.


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Escalys can dramatically expand the value created by your M&A program. How? The same way our award-winning IP created $1 billion from $25 million in its first year for BP. Experience comparable breakthrough performance – better and faster deals, lower cost and risk, and transformative integrations – every time! Our clients have benefited. You can too if you want to increase your capacity to achieve and sustain profitable growth. Call us to discuss your “new” company.

Integrated Project Management Company (IPM), is a leading project management consulting firm focused on planning and implementing strategically critical projects in the life sciences, healthcare, consumer products (including CPG), and industrial sectors. IPM tackles complex projects through dedicated on-site leadership to achieve project objectives.

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