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Midaxo Cloud for Corporate Development Launches to Accelerate and Improve the Consistency of Inorganic Growth

First purpose-built work management solution for corporate development teams

BOSTON, MA, Oct. 18, 2023 – Midaxo, the leading provider of software solutions for corporate development today announced the launch of the next generation Midaxo Cloud, a purpose-built work management solution for corporate development and deal integration teams that enables them to find, evaluate, and deliver deals to drive inorganic growth faster and more efficiently than ever before. The AI-powered Midaxo Cloud leverages learnings from over 500 Midaxo customers that have completed more than 5,000 transactions worth in excess of $1 trillion. 

“Corporate development teams are under pressure to consistently deliver higher inorganic growth rates. Until now, their efforts have generally been managed using Excel and legacy tools. Midaxo Cloud is the first purpose-built work management solution for the modern corporate development department,” said Midaxo CEO Jude McColgan. “When a Board or CEO says they need more inorganic growth options to grow and outcompete peers, they need a platform to support their growth via M&A and other corporate development activities. When finding, reviewing, and delivering deal value, they need the best technology available. From sourcing deal targets using AI and data intelligence, to identifying risks and timelines, to creating and managing effective workflows for integration teams to collaborate smoothly, an ideal solution is now available. The new Midaxo Cloud platform consolidates information, workflows, and reporting to support all forms of corporate development, including M&A, divestitures, asset rationalizations, and partnerships. The result is standardized and more efficient processes that reduce risk, increase inorganic growth rates, and create happier, more productive team members.”

A Modern Platform for Faster and More Consistent Inorganic Growth

Midaxo Cloud powers an enterprise-wide approach to all corporate development activities that increases team productivity and consistency, enables faster deal closings, better prepares teams for antitrust challenges, and reduces transaction risks. As the first purpose-built work management platform for corporate development, the platform delivers more repeatable business outcomes and faster inorganic growth. The key benefits of Midaxo Cloud include:

  • All Information and Workflows in One Place – All documents, communications, approvals, reporting, and workflows are within the platform so team members can seamlessly collaborate on shared workflows using the same set of information. Rich native integrations with best-of-breed third-party tools make Midaxo Cloud the source of truth for all corporate development activities.
  • Full Visibility – Team members can view the information they need, when they need it, whether for company-wide Board reports or to drive day-to-day activities. Role-based dashboards and reports provide the intelligence team members and management need to prioritize their work.
  • Consistent Workflows – Purpose-built workflows powered by user-customizable playbooks reduce complexity and increase repeatability for every step in the transaction process.
  • Tighter Collaboration – Effective information sharing and seamless access to workflows and deal information all in one place increase team member happiness and productivity.  Secure online and mobile app access enables users to leverage the platform anywhere at any time.
  • Painless Reporting – Informed management decisions can be powered by custom reporting using embedded analytics or they can leverage integrations with popular analytics tools such as Power BI or Tableau.
  • AI and Automation – Automated data intelligence and AI help identify, prioritize, and flag opportunities. Reviews of diligence materials can be automated and projects can be more effectively managed leveraging AI and automation within the platform.

To learn more, register for the November 1, 2023 webinar 4 Ways the New Midaxo Cloud Accelerates Inorganic Growth, which will introduce the next-generation Midaxo Cloud and reveal how it can empower teams to consistently deliver higher, more predictable inorganic growth rates across all their corporate development activities.

About Midaxo

Midaxo provides the most widely used work management solution for corporate development. Digitally transforming the transaction process, Midaxo Cloud leverages automation, AI, and machine learning to deliver accelerated inorganic growth while decreasing deal risk. The platform can be customized to fit the needs of each company to enable corporate development and M&A leaders to find, evaluate, and deliver inorganic growth with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Users of the M&A capabilities report identifying and managing 5x more targets, reducing diligence time by 50%, and accelerating time to value realization up to 40%. More than 500 Midaxo customers, including Banner Health, Daimler AG, Professional Services Co., and United Site Services, have closed over 5,000 transactions valued in excess of $1 trillion.



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