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The Solution for Monitoring and Learning from Acquisition Outcomes M&A teams develop a deal thesis that details the expected benefits of each acquisition. However, monitoring the realized benefits over months and years and learning from those outcomes can be a difficult challenge using Excel spreadsheets. Midaxo Value Tracker can greatly simplify the process and provide a … Read more

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The Secure Solution for Isolating Deal Teams While Enabling Powerful Global Reporting During corporate dealmaking, it is sometimes necessary for compliance, confidentiality, or other business reasons to isolate corporate development teams and their deal flows. In those cases, maintaining security and confidentiality is paramount. One careless click of a mouse could sink a deal or … Read more

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Midaxo Deal Scoring Application Note

Leveraging First and Third-Party Data to Focus Deal Pipeline Management Dealmaking teams managing a large deal pipeline often struggle to prioritize and stay focused on the highest value targets. Prioritizing targets based on fit with your deal thesis in a repeatable way can be challenging. The Midaxo Insights and Deal Scoring capabilities can help.

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