M&A Deal Management Software for Frequent Acquirers

Manage everything in one platform, instead of stitching together a separate CRM, VDR, reporting tool, spreadsheet, & task tracker.

Choose the most complete M&A Deal Management solution. Midaxo+ brings everything you need from high-level dashboards and deal pipeline to virtual data rooms and project management into one integrated solution.

Midaxo+ Dashboard Pipeline Process

Start Simple, Develop a Unified End-to-End Process

Systematize your process from Deal Sourcing to Due Diligence and Post-Merger Integration.

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Visualize Your M&A Pipeline

Give all stakeholders access to a visual pipeline of deals relevant to them.
Automate data collection, reporting, and target scoring.

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Replace Traditional VDRs

Take collaboration with acquisition targets and due diligence participants to the next level with a unique buy-side virtual data room.

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Execute Your Playbook Consistently

Productize your accumulate learnings into proprietary M&A playbooks that enable you to move fast, reduce risks, and produce value consistently. Repeat your successes and prevent repeating mistakes.

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Follow M&A Best Practices

A programmatic M&A approach - where a company follows a disciplined process to making many similar, smaller deals that accrue to a significant amount of market capitalization - produces the best results.

With Midaxo you can start simple and develop your capabilities towards a programmatic M&A approach as your deal volume and process sophistication grows. Midaxo’s comprehensive, modular platform enables you to begin with basic features and adopt more functionality as you need it.


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