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Close Your M&A Deals 2X Faster

Increase Your Efficiency

Expedite your teamwork and cut due diligence costs 50%. Say good-bye to siloed teams, disjointed communication, multiple tools, and costly administrative work with our collaborative software solution.

Make Informed Decisions

Centralize communication to guarantee high-quality analysis, clear decision-making, and thorough planning throughout the due diligence process.

Build a Diligence Machine

Playbooks, a virtual data room, and real-time reporting in a Software-as-a-Service platform fosters a high-functioning diligence team. Know important tasks are getting done so your deal can move forward with confidence.

Due Diligence VDR _ Document and Project Management
M&A Due Diligence Software

Modern Virtual Data Room

Our modern virtual data room (VDR) software platform gives you a centralized workspace for sharing, reviewing, and tracking every detail in the due diligence process. Be confident that all teams (buyer and seller) have what they need to make informed strategic decisions.

  • A centralized, secure cloud-based platform gives you one source of truth for all evaluations, reviews, and investigations.
  • Detailed permission settings make it easy to work securely and seamlessly with in-house and external teams. Know the right people have the right information when they need it.
  • Track schedules, due dates, outstanding tasks, and dependencies in one central location. Keep your teams on track and focused on moving forward.
  • Notifications ensure that updates and new documents are reviewed quickly and efficiently. Automate workflows and follow-ups.
  • Post-deal archiving is made easy thanks to centralized management of all documents, comments, and status notes. Be confident that your team is ready for deal
  • ISO 27001 Certified and GDPR compliant.
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Due Diligence VDR_ Playbooks

Expert-Developed Due Diligence Playbooks

Midaxo due diligence playbooks enable you to hit the ground running with zero delays or false starts. Our comprehensive playbooks keep teams focused on due diligence tasks with clear objectives and accessible plans that are easily deployed on our software platform.

  • Use Midaxo’s expert-developed due diligence playbooks or create your own. You choose what fits best for your deal and your teams.
  • Midaxo playbooks grow and evolve with you. Continually refine your due diligence playbooks with lessons learned, best practice guidance, and templates.
  • Take advantage of our custom playbook library and import playbooks specific to your deal type, industry, challenges, or adjacent value creation processes. Midaxo offers a range of due diligence playbooks including discovery, initial analysis, light diligence, full diligence, GDPR compliance, industry-specific playbooks, and more.
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Due Diligence VDR _ Due Diligence Reporting

Powerful Analytics Reporting

There is little time for delays and minimal room for error in the M&A due diligence process. Real-time analytics reporting gives you the answers to your questions exactly when you need them. Get instant visibility into team progress, outstanding tasks, and workflows. One-click reporting means you and your teams are always in the know.

  • Spend less time and resources on reporting and more of both working on the areas that matter most to due diligence.
  • Toggle between multiple due diligence projects and view task status with a single click.
  • One-click reports, and preconfigured real-time dashboards give immediate visibility to guarantee consistent reporting.
  • Make informed, smart decisions about your target with the up-to-date insights and progress reports. Put an end to costly information bottlenecks and slowdowns.
  • Know that your due diligence team is always looking at the latest deal data and metrics.
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Advantages of Midaxo for M&A Due Diligence

Project & Document Management

Fully integrated project and document management accelerates due diligence with centralized communication and document collection. Midaxo gives you real-time visibility, access, updates, and reporting.

Secure Collaboration

Work confidently and collaboratively in real-time in a secure and protected environment. Know that both internal and external team communication is secured. Customized permissions ensure the right people at the right time can see and access the right information.

Value Insight and Clarity

Eliminate risk and uncertainties with integrated technologies that let you see the deal from all angles and perspectives. Midaxo is where and how you communicate, track, and review all investigative workflows, status updates, and team progress. One-click reporting gives you the clarity you need to speed-up M&A due diligence.


Our outreach to targets is highly automated with Midaxo and we now have a very high close ratio across NDA > LOI > deal execution."

Raghav Nandagopal
Head of Corporate Development and Mergers & Acquisitions, Ascensus

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