Streamline Deal Flow & Venture Portfolio Management
Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

Execute Strategically and Efficiently

View the Full Picture

Monitor a pipeline of investment targets to ensure the best opportunities are on your radar. Eliminate poor fits early.

Automate Deal Flows

Increase your velocity by managing everything in one place — all the documents, information requests, and correspondence with the target. 

Build a Stronger Function

Strengthen your end-to-end process across deal origination, due diligence, investment agreement and portfolio.

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Deal Flow Management, Simplified 

  • Automate and optimize your entire investment life cycle with a dedicated software solution. 
  • Maintain full visibility across targets in early stage analysis, due diligence and subject to investment negotiations. 
  • Capture all deal information and documents in one place.
  • Make faster and more informed decisions with real-time information.
  • Collaborate more effectively with team members and focus on moving deals forward. 

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Powerful Portfolio Management

  • Get a high-level overview of your portfolio companies and drill down into the details with real-time dashboards and one-click reports. 
  • View and monitor metrics and KPIs such as capital invested, funds remaining, current ROI and overall risk profile. 
  • Track the performance of your ventures portfolio
  • Filter your ventures portfolio by attributes such as business unit, geography, size , industry/vertical, owner, seed/series or by a search keyword or any custom attributes.
  • Utilize simple data input and configurable reporting outputs.
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Improved Governance

  • Main all data and deal documents in one place and execute more efficiently with one cloud-based platform and one source of truth.
  • Promote good governance across the investment lifecycle. 
  • Access historical funding data, monitor equity holdings and realized returns. 
  • Keep users updated with document upload notifications and real-time dashboards
  • Create detailed reports for decision makers with just a few clicks. 

Advantages of Midaxo for Corporate Venturing

Document & Project Management

Project management capabilities are built-in for greater efficiency in executing due diligence playbooks and collecting information.

Secure Collaboration

Communicate securely internally and externally. Ensure only the right people see and edit the right information.

Proven Solution

Trusted by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Daimler, Philips, and other top companies. 10+ success stories, 15+ presentations.

In addition to core M&A, we are looking at an increasing number of partnerships, alliances and joint ventures. The ability to have multiple fully customizable pipelines allows us to run a large variety of processes in one tool."

Manager of M&A, Daimler

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