Avoid Noncompliance
in GDPR, Anti-Trust, etc.
While Executing More Efficiently

Challenges with Ensuring Compliance

Confusion Over Rules

Compliance rules are constantly changing. Multiple steps need to be documented.

Time-Consuming and Expensive

Large set of documents to create and maintain. No templates to get started with.

Difficult to Track Progress

Hundreds of tasks and documents need to be organized and reported on across compliance efforts. 

Compliance Solution

Platform for Compliance

Employ a collaborative, cloud-based platform and playbooks to seamlessly manage and execute compliance projects. Improve communication and progress reporting across compliance projects with dashboards and one-click reports. 

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Benefits Midaxo Customers See

Become Compliant Sooner

Execute rapidly and identify and mitigate bottlenecks. 

Demonstrate Compliance 

Document everything in a centralized secure environment - ISO27001 Certified and GDPR Compliant. 

Consistently Meet Standards

Ensure long-term success as rules change with a range of Midaxo Playbooks. 

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Advantages of Midaxo

Intuitive Interface

Simple, easy-to-use workflow to ensure core and non-core users are comfortable using Midaxo. 

Up-to-Date Playbooks

The M&A-compatible GDPR, Anti-Trust, Anti-Bribery Playbooks include the most recent regulations.

Real-time Visibility

Take advantage of advanced analytics and live dashboards to monitor and visualize progress.