Establish World-Class Legal Processes
Accelerate outcomes, reduce costs, avoid risks

Midaxo’s end-to-end cloud platform enables top legal teams to improve their efficiency and elevate performance.

Shorten lead time and capture value sooner from complex contracts, IP-licensing, partnerships and M&A. Protect IPR and better manage risks in litigation, compliance, reputation and insurance.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise used Midaxo to manage and streamline 1,200+ legal transactions, 50,000 patents, and 150,000 contracts during their split from HP.

Common Uses

  • Negotiated Contracts
  • Real Estate
  • Litigations
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • IPR Protection
  • IP In/out- Licensing
  • M&A, Funding
  • Import/ Export Law
  • Legal Entity Changes
  • JVs/Partnerships
  • Compliance Filings
  • Six Sigma
Midaxo Legal Pipeline Screenshot

View the Full Pipeline in One View

  • Customize stage-gated case pipelines and cover pages.
  • Aggregate all active cases into one view.
  • Ensure consistent and high-quality work with systemization.
  • Have real-time visibility to how each case is progressing.

 Capture Best Practices with Playbooks

  • Use Midaxo's preconfigured legal process playbooks or create your own.
  • Guide work with house best practice instructions and templates.
  • Alleviate workloads of senior lawyers and allow for more efficient use of their time
  • Use external counsel more strategically.
Midaxo Playbooks Legal Screenshot
Midaxo Legal Task View Screenshot

Manage Tasks in the Project View

  • Assign responsibilities and track progress.
  • Remove communication barriers between groups.
  • Collaborate more effectively in real-time.
  • Prevent key information and documents from being lost.
  • Have an automatic audit log of all events.

Increase Visibility with Reporting Analytics

  • Immediately create reports by housing all key information in one location.
  • Monitor KPIs with dashboards and drill down into details.
  • Create reporting decks with one click.
  • Gain new insights to guide process improvements.
Midaxo Legal Reporting Screenshot

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