Midaxo Cloud Pipeline CRM

Deal Pipeline Management Platform

Generate consistent pipeline, evaluate targets systematically, manage relationships, report on progress effortlessly, and create a standardized environment to assess and move more deals forward

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Midaxo Cloud Pipeline CRM is a Complete Solution for Building and Managing Your Target Pipeline

Find, manage, and prioritize opportunities to close better deals more efficiently

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Review more deals faster, add new targets or update existing ones with a few clicks, auto-populate fresh target information, and view your entire pipeline in one place

Kanban Board
See deals visually on a board organized by key milestones, automatically enrich deal cards with information from trusted data sources, and use templates to simplify project creation

Auto Insights
Have target information populate automatically from business data sources such as Clearbit, Pitchbook and Crunchbase

Midaxo Deal Scoring
Prioritize targets using user-defined deal scoring calculated based on target information

Multiple Pipelines
Manage multiple pipelines and view by business unit using process dropdown

Import from Excel
Convert Excel-based pipeline trackers with a few clicks

Ensure the Security of Your Pipeline
Rest assured your data is safe with industry-leading Midaxo cybersecurity

Systematize target evaluation criteria, deal scoring, and information gathering

Custom Deal Scoring
Establish standard criteria, specific to your needs, for target evaluation including the option of defining calculated values based on multiple business factors

Automated Scoring
Pre-set criteria scores new deals for initial analysis when relevant data is populated and dynamic weightings automatically update deal scores when target information is added or changed

Structured Deal Database
Store deal data in a structured format to enable simple, advanced reporting

Document Security
Securely store key documents such as NDAs, LOIs, business cases, etc.

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Manage relationships and communications with targets and stakeholders

Contact Directory
Search contact info and see related activities

Log related calls, meetings, emails, and notes

Sourcing Transparency
View team activity such as new introductions, calls, NDAs, etc.

Outlook Integration
Capture emails and associated contacts easily in the Midaxo Cloud Pipeline CRM

Create customized dashboards that highlight time-sensitive information and tasks

Stay connected to your ongoing projects, team, and prospects, even when out of the office

Mobile Access
Use our mobile app on Apple or Android devices

Create Notes
Log notes effortlessly using your phone’s speech recognition

Shoot Photos or Videos
Capture footage when visiting target companies or photograph pertinent documents or objects

Secure Information
View and save data without storing it on your mobile device

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image of Data visualization screen

Automate the creation of presentations and eliminate countless hours of manual work

Dynamic Slides
Build dynamic slides which automatically update based on new data

View in Your Browser or PowerPoint
Build presentations in-app or export to an existing deck in PowerPoint

Match Your Branding
Set custom colors, logos, and cover page details with ease

Best Practice Templates
Select from pre-configured templates or design your own

Make well informed decisions with Power BI’s advanced data visualizations

Intuitive, Yet Powerful Tools
Aggregate, process, and transform data into easy-to-understand visuals

Save Time
Automate reports to make informed decisions in record time

Browser and Desktop
Use the collaborative browser interface and the powerful desktop functionality

Best in Class
Tell the story behind the data with a tool suitable for beginner and expert analysts

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