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CRM for Relationship Building

Keep all your communication and activity logs for your deals in one, centralized place and never forget past interactions or promised next steps as you meet with prospects. Streamline your team member’s workflow by synching projects and data while saving valuable time.

  • Activity and communication history - Log activities and tag them to the relevant deals and contacts.
  • Convenient Outlook integration - Forward emails to a drop-in address or use the Outlook plug-in to optimize your workflow.
  • Be an expert note taker - Easily find your notes from past interactions so no engagement is forgotten and show up to every meeting well informed.
  • A personal assistant - Set up meetings and send emails with the ability to add custom tags, annotations, and attachments.

Secure Pipeline for Opportunities

Keep your corporate development team in sync with shared visibility into the status and stages of all deals in play. Manage projects through clearly detailing deal stages and organize key deal information in a structured, reportable format.

  • All deal information in one place - Use structured, templated forms to present deal data and store documents securely.
  • Stage gates define deal progress - Establish good governance by having clearly defined milestones for each project.
  • Mobile app provides power in your pocket - Access your pipeline whether you’re on the go or in the office, take notes, video, or record meetings straight to the CRM.

Dynamic Slides Ready to Present 24/7

Present up-to-date data on your pipeline deals anytime with professional and informative slides. Choose from one of our pre-formatted options or create custom content in minutes with our intuitive system. Slide data is updated in real time, saving your team from countless hours of tracking and compiling updated new information.

  • Update in real-time - Have your slides link to the underlying sources so they update automatically as new data is entered.
  • One click presentations - Present straight from the app’s proprietary presentation mode or export to PowerPoint.
  • Powerful charting - Visualize your data with easy, powerful charts.

Contacts and Pipeline Always in Your Pocket

The power of Midaxo’s Pipeline+ available anywhere you go. Our mobile app keeps all of your notes, contacts, data, and insights with you whether you are on-location, in the office, or about to step into a meeting that can make or break your next deal.

  • Compact and mobile CRM - Have access to the CRM, Pipeline and Documents on the go to avoid any delays in project’s reaching the next stage gate.
  • Quick, detailed notes - Enter in notes or dictate them with speech recognition (Siri), upload video, audio files, and images on location or on-the-go.
  • A powerful resource - Easily find relevant updates and background information when going to a meeting.
  • Review past meetings – Log any and all information about pas engagements into the CRM to review before subsequent meetings, always staying up-to-date and well informed with your prospect.

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