Seamlessly Manage Post-Merger Integrations to Reduce Time to Value

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Midaxo Cloud Post-Merger Integration Module Enables Efficient Management of the Integration Process

Work smarter, more repeatably, and transparently by leveraging best practices, automated workflows, collaboration and real-time visibility 

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Identify deal issues, risks and opportunities in a buy-side VDR. Assign responsibilities and timelines to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Risks/Issues Tracking
Ensure all stakeholders are aware of key issues and risks relevant to them

Risks/Issues Mitigation
Identify common risks/issues and design your process to avoid them

Risks/Issues Assessment
Understand the severity and probability of risks and their likely impact

Risks/Issues Visibility
Keep deal teams and leadership informed about risks and issues

Preserve Your Deal Documents
Lock your buy-side virtual deal room upon closing for seamless hand off of documents and tracked risks and issues to the integration team

Ensure Pre-Deal Plans Get Realized in Post-Merger Integration. Connect Deal Making, Due Diligence, and PMI.

Integrated Platform
Connect all data from deal making, due diligence, and PMI, providing pre-deal work to post-deal teams

Integration Playbooks
Consistently create and preserve value by developing robust integration playbooks and capturing learnings to improve future dealmaking

Strategic Initiative Tracking
Track key initiatives for completion to ensure the vision of the deal gets realized

Outcomes Reporting
Provide visibility on task progress to facilitate realization of post-deal outcomes

Image of Integrated Platform screen.

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