Corporate Divestment Strategy Software Platform

Transform How You Divest Parts of Your Business

Save Divestment Costs

Reduce costs by centralizing all project work, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for standalone VDRs or tools. Our dealmaking software platform has a modern VDR with the functionality that deal teams need to safely house all deal-related materials.

Set Up & Manage Your Data Room

Populate your deal room and securely collaborate internally and externally. Ensure confidential data is in the right hands and know that team members only see what’s intended for their eyes.

Take Control of the Process

Keep everyone focused during what can be a lengthy sell-side process. A centralized software platform gives divestment teams the tools, structure, and information required to move quickly with minimal delays.

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Much More than a VDR 

There’s more to a modern virtual data room than just document sharing. With Midaxo’s VDR, teams can easily share information, track dependencies, set up notifications, communicate with each other, and keep the divestment process moving forward in one central software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

  • Establish detailed permissions at the document, folder, group and user level to manage access controls, sharing, printing and downloading. Prevent unauthorized information sharing and data leaks.
  • Know who is doing what and when. See all project activity including sign-ins, document views, downloads and edits. Use notifications to keep tabs on updates and new documents.
  • Searching through email conversations and multiple versions of documents takes time and creates frustration. Integrated Q&A eliminates questions, debates and mistakes with instant visibility into document history.
  • Divesting more than one business unit is not a problem. Fully customizable digital workflows keep teams working on multiple deals, organized and on-track.
  • ISO 27001 Certified, GDPR compliant, McAfee Enterprise-Ready, HIPAA compliant, 256-bit AES end-to-end data encryption

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Expert-Developed Best Practice Divestment Playbooks

A successful divestment requires taking proven sell-side processes, tasks and operations and then making adjustments based on the particular transaction. Our divestment playbooks deployed on the Midaxo software platform provide the foundation to guide and support your teams as they move through the process.

  • It’s very easy to get caught up in all the activity that accompanies a sale, which can result in missed steps, oversight, and errors. Prevent surprises and maintain control of your divestment with guidance on key responsibilities and organizational structure.
  • Be confident all divestment tasks are completed, including sell-side due diligence, transaction planning, and pre-sale preparation through to structure of the Divestiture Management Office (DMO).
  • Use Midaxo divestment playbooks or import your own. Customize playbooks with lessons learned from previous divestments and continue to refine them as you proceed.
  • With templates, you can easily recreate a process, saving time on administrative setup while keeping team members aligned and focused on their goals.
  • No two sales are alike, but there are often common threads. Using a playbook will impart the direction necessary to effectively manage complex changes to operations.

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Real-Time Divestment Reporting 

Timely, accurate information is critical to a successful divestment. Midaxo reporting and analytics give you a straightforward, visual way to track progress as it happens within the software platform. Create and share reports, charts, graphs and timelines with one-click reporting. Keep internal and external teams, buyers and advisors updated at all times.

  • Instant visibility into every detail of the project including task, document, team, organization and decision status and progress. Ensure each decision is backed by the latest data.
  • Put an end to time spent generating manual, time-consuming reports. One-click reporting gives your DMO the latest information it needs to drive and orchestrate all divestment workstreams.
  • Need a second pair of hands to support your reporting? Each Midaxo customer receives dedicated onboarding and 24-hour support.

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Advantages of Midaxo for Divestment

End-to-End Divestment Management

Rely on one centralized software platform across all stages of the divestment lifecycle. From strategic review to deal marketing to running a transaction to separation management. Get it all done efficiently and securely in Midaxo.

Secure Collaboration

Detailed permission controls mean the right people at the right time can see and access the right information in a shared SaaS platform. Be confident only the people you want to share information with can access it. Review audit logs related to document downloads, views, edits and sharing.

Streamlined Operations

Integrated project and document management software solutions keep teams focused on the next priority and deliverable. Make it simple for everyone to know what they need to do each day, get those tasks done, and move on to the next task.

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