Review, Prepare and Sell Business Units
Strategically and with Minimal Costs


Challenges of Any Divestment

Poor Collaboration

Complex and risky processes with many individuals and external advisors involved

Inefficient & Expensive

Poorly planned and executed processes present distractions from daily work. 

Confidential Information 

Maintaining control of shared information is critical.

Divestment Solution

Centralized Organization and Communication

Collaborate internally and with potential buyer's with a secure, centralize, cloud-based platform.

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Best Practice Playbooks

Configure Midaxo's expert-developed Divestment Playbook or upload and refine your own.

Live Reporting

Make status updates more effective by working with the same up-to-date dashboards and reports. Track task progress and identify issues.

Benefits Teams Using Midaxo for Divestments See

Sell Strategically

Review all business units against strategic goals. Assess readiness and prepare for sale in a methodical manner.  

Execute Transaction Confidently

Securely invite potential buyers to view key information. Navigate the nuances of the transactions. 

Ensure Smooth Separation

Impart much needed structure and direction across a divestment and better manage the complexities of changes to operations that are native to a divestment.

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Advantages of Midaxo

End-to-End Functionality

Use one platform across the divestment from reviewing to transaction and separation.

Visibility with Analytics

View execution progress with live dashboards and reports.

Secure Permissions

Organize and control what potential buyers can see.