Transform the Way You Sell  Business Units


Execute Efficiently, Collaboratively and Securely

Save Divestment Costs

Reduce costs by centralizing all project work, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for standalone VDRs or tools.

Get Divestment Ready

Populate your data room and securely collaborate internally and externally. Ensure confidential data is in the right hands.

Take Control of The Process

Align all parties involved in the divestment. Better manage the complexities of changes to operations.

Divestment- Collaboration
Divestment Solution

Much More than a VDR 

  • Collaborate internally and with potential buyers or advisors by inviting them onto a project and restricting individual user access with 5 levels of user permissions. 
  • Utilize built-in Q&A to increase efficiency and eliminate your reliance on email and disconnected document storage. 
  • Disable full access, printing or downloading of any folder or individual document. 
  • Run multiple divestments with a highly customizable digital workflow. 
  • View project activity such as sign-ins, document vies and downloads.
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Divestment_Best Practice Playbooks

Best Practice Divestment Playbooks

  • Avoid surprises and take control of your next divestment by running a sell-side due diligence process.
  • Align your divestment efforts and keep teams focused by leveraging Midaxo's comprehensive divestment playbook or your own.
  • Continually refine your divestment playbooks over time by adding lessons learned, additional guidance, and document templates.
  • Create and take advantage a collection of playbooks that are specific to deal types, industries, or situations.
Divestment- Reporting

Real-Time Divestment Reporting 

  • Make faster and better-informed decisions and eliminate bottlenecks with real-time information.
  • Keep users updated with document upload notifications. 
  • Ensure consistency of reporting with pre-configured real-time dashboards and one-click reports. 
  • Free up DMO time from manual report compilation and create high-quality reports in minutes. 

Advantages of Midaxo for Divestment

End-to-End Divestments

Leverage one platform across the divestment pipeline — from reviewing units to marketing and running the transaction to managing the separation.

Secure Collaboration

ISO 27001 Certified, GDPR Compliant and McAfee Enterprise-Ready. Control what others can see, download or edit. 

Proven Solution

Trusted by Hewlett Packard for their split into Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP, Inc. and two large spin-offs. 

I don't know that we could have done the HP separation in the time we did had we not had the platform in place. It was a $110B separation, the largest one in history."

Molly Tynan Perry
VP and COO, Office or Legal and Administrative Affairs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

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