Legal Entity Rationalization
Manage M&A Legal Entity Changes Efficiently

Acquisitions, divestitures and restructurings require quick changes to corporate legal entity structure. Managing dozens, possible hundreds of parallel projects to close or establish entities and transfer assets can be challenging.

Midaxo's legal entity rationalization solution enables leadership to efficiently manage legal entity changes, saving costs, mitigating risks and making entity governance much easier.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise used Midaxo to manage and streamline 1,200+ legal transactions, 50,000 patents, and 150,000 contracts during their split from HP.

Common Uses

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Divestments
  • Restructuring
  • Splits
  • Carve-outs

See All Entities in One View

  • Have all your entities and associated projects in one place.
  • Always have a single place for managing all individual entities.
  • Easily see which projects need attention.
  • Build visibility into all legal entities.
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 Capture Best Practices with Playbooks

  • Utilize playbooks for closing, merging, transferring, creating, and maintaining legal entities.
  • Follow a best practice methodology as utilized by Fortune 5000 companies.
  • Delegate responsibilities to subject matter experts with less handholding.
  • Provide employees and contractors within each entity with clear instructions and responsibilities.
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Manage Tasks in the Project View

  • Teams can collaborate at the entity and organizational level.
  • Assign responsibilities and track progress in real-time.
  • Remove communication barriers between groups.
  • Collaborate more effectively in real-time.
  • Prevent key information and documents from being lost.
  • Have an automatic audit log of all events.
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Increase Visibility with Real-time Analytics

  • Immediately create reports by housing all key information in one location.
  • Keep track of KPIs such as entities by trading status, total headcount and revenue, and operational cost structure.
  • Track key milestones across projects - such as the strategy and roadmap to rationalize legal entities.
  • Analyze entities accross business units, legal status, region and execution path.
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