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What our customers are saying about Midaxo


We did our homework when deciding which M&A platform to incorporate into our process.  Midaxo was a clear choice in terms of sophistication and functionality.  What we did not anticipate was the level of ongoing service to which Midaxo would rise.  As a firm who knows the value of putting clients first, Woodbridge has been consistently surprised by the lengths Midaxo has gone to ensure a smooth transition from legacy processes, hands on approach to onboarding/product customization and personal touch within every aspect of our relationship.


We have a detailed M&A process with many stages and looked for a tool to fit. We found Midaxo and discovered how flexible it is to configure to our needs. We have launched Midaxo full speed and use it as our single platform for managing M&A transactions.

There is no tool that compares to Midaxo in terms of ease of use and user-friendly interface. I would definitely recommend Midaxo and suggest investing the right amount of time to configure it to your practice for the best leverage of a great platform.


Having Midaxo in place has allowed Philips to further reevaluate, structure and systematize our global M&A methodology as per our continuous improvement ambition. With this easy-to-use platform, we are able to keep better track of our deals’ status and store our documents in an even more streamlined way on the cloud. As a result, our deal pipeline and project progress and planning have become more transparent and structured for the internal stakeholders involved.


After completing more than 70 projects in the past 11 years, we were looking for an alternative to “management by email & Excel”. We’ve now used Midaxo to model our M&A process and define the project structure. We find the centralized management and the visual overview most valuable and expect to benefit from the project management features once our team is trained. I would recommend Midaxo to colleagues looking for M&A process and project management tools.


The Midaxo M&A platform has worked superbly well in supporting our large and complex international integration cases. With Midaxo, we can execute a clear plan for the overall project, as well as for each individual integration stream. We can also manage a broad set of participants and their activities, store all documents, keep track of issues, and report project progress. Midaxo has helped us hit our acquisition synergy objectives and timeline very effectively. We can see how we could use Midaxo for other small to complex projects within the group.


We use Midaxo daily to keep our cases organized – and weekly for our team meetings. It’s easy to get an overview and instant updates on tasks. We can see where we are on a wide range of cases and move faster on important decisions. Project creation and task set-up is user-friendly and flexible.


Midaxo helps streamline our process of sourcing, tracking and closing opportunities across both our Business Development and Corporate Development teams. Midaxo saves us a significant amount of time by serving as a one-stop shop for deal management and is a catalyst for our effort to become a world-class team.