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A Comparison of Buy-Side and Sell-Side Virtual Deal Rooms

Intro: When it comes to confidential data transfers for M&A and other types of corporate dealmaking, virtual data rooms (VDRs) have become an invaluable tool …
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Deal Thesis: A Single Deal? Or the Entire M&A Program?

Intro: The focus on outcomes in M&A and corporate dealmaking highlights the importance of a robust deal thesis, also known as an investment thesis. As …

4 Ways an M&A Platform Can Enable Efficient, Collaborative Due Diligence

Introduction: Playbooks, virtual data rooms, and project management platforms all address the never ending quest to ease the overwhelming and disjointed nature of due diligence. …
7+ M&A Pipeline Metrics

7+ M&A Pipeline Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Introduction: Streamlining and assessing your pipeline management is non-negotiable if you are a serial acquirer or serious about leveraging M&A for growth or value creation. …
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Developing a Systematic & Repeatable M&A Process: From Strategy to Acquisition Management

Portions of this post were originally published in 2019 and have been updated to include more in-depth and up-to-date information. The most successful acquirers in …
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Doing Multiple Deals a Year: The Case for M&A Pipeline Software

Undoubtedly, leveraging M&A activity can bring unprecedented value to companies. More specifically, frequent buyers (sometimes referred to as serial acquirers) — no matter their size …

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