Midaxo M&A Playbooks

Created in Partnership with Top M&A, Investment Banking, and Management Consultants

Playbooks are key in creating a successful, repeatable process. Midaxo M&A Playbooks deliver expert guidance, enabling your team to make confident strategic decisions and execute effectively.

Serving as a foundation and roadmap, good playbooks provide the templates, plans and processes to guide decision-making, next steps, risk assessment, roles, responsibilities and success markers.

Having a good playbook saves time, limits costly errors and keeps people aligned to achieve project goals.

Our end-to-end M&A software makes it easy to refine your playbooks based on company specifics and lessons learned, helping teams build a better process over time. We offer customers a variety of playbook options including our bundled and premium playbooks.

Bundled Playbooks

Image of Acquisition & Due Diligence Bundle

Acquisition and Due Diligence Bundle

The Comprehensive Acquisition and Due Diligence Playbook includes:

  • Separate Playbooks for deal origination, covering: Prospect, Initial Analysis and Light Diligence
  • 8 separate due diligence workstream playbooks covering: Commercial, Financial, Tax, Legal, HR, Environmental, IT Tech & Security
  • Best practice guidance, example tasks from which to build a robust workplan and suggested information requests for each workstream
  • 159 pages, ~47,000 words in total

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Integration Playbook Bundle

A full suite of playbooks that cover all aspects of post-merger integration

Legal Playbook Bundle

A complete collection of playbooks for CorpDev-related legal processes

Project Management Playbook Bundle

All the playbooks needed for project management tasks during CorpDev

Compliance Playbook Bundle

A full set of playbooks covering all relevant compliance issues during M&A and CorpDev

Premium M&A Playbooks

Image of Premium Playbooks Divestment Comprehensive

Divestment Playbook

Organize and execute divestments in a structured, repeatable process

Image of Premium Playbooks Legal Entity Rationalization

Legal Entity Rationalization Playbook

Apply structure to the rationalization of legal entities to ensure success

Image of Premium Playbooks Real Estate Rationalization

General Real Estate Rationalization Playbook

Apply the same consistent processes to your real estate rationalizations

Image of GDPR Compliance

Due Diligence Playbook – GDPR Compliance

Playbooks drive a consistent, repeatable approach to GDPR compliance

Image of Playbook Medical Devices

Due Diligence Playbook: For Medical Devices

Custom playbooks for medical device companies to drive repeatable M&A

Image of Playbook For Hospitals

Due Diligence Playbook: For Hospitals

Drive winning due diligence during hospital acquisition discussions

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