Programmatic M&A Deal Scoring

Automated Deal Scoring for Programmatic Acquirers


Systematized Deal Scoring

  • Develop standardized criteria to meet your needs
  • Quickly identify which deals deserve your team's primary focus
  • Visualize high-synergy companies directly on the pipeline with color-coding & score breakdowns
  • Multi-process support allows varying business units to set unique criteria to suit their needs

Deal Scoring ranks open opportunities on your pipeline by rules you set, allowing you to identify and organize the targets that best align with project-specific projects instantly. 


Pipeline Overview

  • View ratings directly from your pipeline to quickly analyze which deals should be a top priority.
  • Easily identify best and worst opportunities  with green or red color-coding determined by score total.
  • Predefined color coding; 0 to 30 reflects as red, 30 to 65 displays grey and 65 through 100 shows green.
  • See a clear breakdown of deal scoring factors and their impact on the score.
  • Quickly develop deal theses at a glance to analyze strategic fit

Deal pipelines can have dozens, sometimes hundreds of potential targets lined up in any given stage-gate and can swiftly become overwhelming to sort through. Deal scoring helps analysts identify companies with the best synergies so their time can be better spent gathering more information or building better relationships. 


Standardize Your Target Scoring

  • Activate deal scoring on the data points that matter to you most such as headcount, revenue, or geographic location
  • Set custom values for deal scores, awarding more or fewer points depending on your team's values.
  • Freely swap between deal processes in order to rate targets against different criteria as various business units require.
  • Review and select difficulty rantings per deal scoring option.

Pick and choose which project fit criteria are most appealing to your M&A team and adjust our deal scoring module accordingly. Customize your reports and scoring rules to ensure that only the most promising leads are pushed to the forefront, reducing the amount of time spent on unqualified leads while increasing the number of deals your team can vet.


Finding Your Perfect Fit

  • Make the score more and more precise by populating additional information as you get to know the targets better.
  • See exactly where point addition or deductions come from to a better-informed analysis.
  • Rank projects by company demographics, target markets, value creation opportunities, and other factors. 

From the pipeline dashboard, review a breakdown of your pre-set scoring criteria and how each target compares to your ideal fit. Easily identify what synergies and what challenges any target offers. Add direct notes to text-based scoring fields to better inform your team, or change scores at will based on new analytics.

Turn the focus back to what matters most — your growth.

Deal Scoring is an invaluable prospecting tool. Push quality leads to the top of your priority list with custom criteria that reflect your corporate development team's specific needs and values. Save valuable time and money otherwise wasted on unqualified targets.

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