Customer Interview:
Amy Wilson from United Site Services


Video Transcript

Q: What was your process like before?
A: How I used to do integration was through Excel spreadsheets and many conference calls.

Q What is it like now?
A: Integration now is a controlled environment utilizing one resource, one point of contact, one system to collaborate with our employees.

Q: What is one problem Midaxo allowed you to solve?
A: We had management of integration on a regional basis with no visibility or accountability. Now with Midaxo, we’re able to track synergies, we’re able to track timelines and be able to gain visibility for all functions.

Q: What is the biggest benefit you’ve seen with Midaxo?
A: The biggest benefit that I have achieved now is pure visibility and being able to report on the status of integration.

Q: How many integration might you be managing at one time?
A: We are an organization that acquires and we do approximately 15 to 20 every year. We have multiple integrations going on at the same time. So we’re able to really bring visibility and be able to manage projects, multiple projects at one time.

Q: How many people are involved in each integration?
A: Our integrations are managed cross functionally. So as the integration lead, I’m challenging functions to own their task. With the Midaxo software, we’re able to really drive accountability through the functions to make sure we meet our timeline.

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