Customer Interview: VP – Integration Lead, Professional Services Company


Video Transcript

Q: What was your process like before?
A: Before using this system, my process was managed on spreadsheets and conference calls and just cobbling together a number of different sources into one process.

Q What is it like now?
A: So now, our process involves using a single platform and we have a consistent process that we’re using against all of our integration activity globally.

Q: What are some of the benefits that you’ve been able to achieve with Midaxo?
A: So, some of the benefits have been in enabling the consistency of the process making sure things don’t fall through the cracks and at the same time, being able to across integration to management and viewing of what status is taking place across the integration.

Q: How have you been able to use playbooks?
A: We are getting better with integration over time. We created a standard playbook when we first started using the platform and then we keep recalibrating. So, after every integration, we go back and we ensure that if something was missing or wasn’t included, we’re going to update it and make sure it’s current, and then we’ll apply that same playbook the next time.

Q: How has Midaxo affected the efficiency of your reporting?
A: We’ve been doing reporting in a manner that’s become more consistent. And the same set of tasks and reports, like the actual report format, has become consistent over time, which is something that management appreciates.

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