Why join our partnership program?

Benefits for Partner’s service delivery

  • Make Partner’s playbook actionable and targeted
  • Plan and manage projects in a single, modern, and intuitive system
  • Drive collaboration, transparency, and accountability

Benefits for Partner’s clients

  • Get up-to-speed quickly with Partner’s methodology, playbook, and service delivery
  • Share a common plan of action to drive efficient integration, lower the risks, and capture synergies quicker
  • Maintain real-time visibility to execution across the integration effort

Benefits for Partner as a firm

  • Drive efficient client service delivery to expand margins or lower fees without sacrificing the margins
  • Differentiate from the competition
  • Lower the threshold for re-engagement with clients

Simplified Partnership Model


Unlimited internal use

For partners covered by a 10k annual partner investment fee


Monthly invoicing

For each client-specific engagement based on the total number of active users


Dedicated support hours

For both internal usage and per client engagement


Complementary services

Including branding, setup, onboarding, ongoing software updates, hosting, and data storage

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