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Trusted by top-tier consulting, M&A advisory, and private equity firms as well as hundreds of acquisitive corporates, Midaxo allows teams to unlock value in the strategic processes of their clients and portfolio companies.


Private Equity

Enable Portfolio Companies to Maximize Value through Operational Improvements

Advisory Firms

Achieve Systematic, Consistent Project Execution for Your Clients

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Advantages of Midaxo

Use a proven end-to-end platform to streamline collaboration and improve process efficiency.

Smooth collaboration with clients and portfolio companies via live, customized dashboards.

Leverage our learnings from working with 230+ industry-leading companies.

Private Equity


Use a cloud software to centralize your buy and build strategy. Streamline oversight of performance against key metrics.


Ensure alignment and execution of M&A strategy across the portfolio. Allow teams to quickly identify poor fit targets.


Implement standardized processes and reporting to support operational efficiency improvements


Enable inorganic growth in your portfolio leveraging a platform trusted by 300+ customers, 10,000 users, and supporting $500B+ in transaction value.

Advisory Firms

Differentiate offering and lower the threshold of reengagement by capturing playbooks in platform.


Better support projects with access to Midaxo’s top-rated team of platform experts.


Standardize client delivery and execute reporting with live, customizable dashboards.


Leverage a platform trusted by 300+ customers, 10,000 users, and supporting $500B+ in transaction value.

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