Midaxo Makes You Organized

Drive systematic processes for M&A, corporate development, and deal-making. World-leading companies use Midaxo to avoid risks, do better deals, and produce results faster.


Pipeline Management

Visualize your entire corporate development pipeline with clear approval stages and real-time reporting

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Due Diligence

Empower your buy-side team to easily define questions and track progress so you can move through due diligence faster

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Post-Merger Integration

Plan objectives, improve collaboration, and promote accountability to capture synergies quickly

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Central hub to work in

No more switching from system to system. Midaxo revolutionizes user productivity by bringing all essential capabilities to one intuitive user interface. Easily move between projects, tasks, schedules, issues and documents.

Pipeline management

Gain company-wide visibility of all deals and process performance. Easily drill down to individual deals and details.

  • Control what projects, tasks and documents team members can access.
  • Track every individual case through the process checkpoints and ensure good governance.
  • Accumulate best practices and constantly improve your process.
Individual case management

Each case has a dedicated workspace. The process oriented, yet flexible workspace, includes everything needed to work collaboratively.

Plan and track cases from start to finish

  • Start with a best practice template.
  • Centralize and manage all documents.
  • Engage all stakeholders.
  • Organize work by streams or teams.
  • Program schedules, task assignments, instructions and status tracking.
  • Manage cross-stream dependencies.
  • Record risks and issues linked to tasks.
  • Automate task follow-ups and notifications.
  • Report progress.
  • Check archived document logs.

Set goals

Plan where you want to take your organization to and what kinds of deals or initiatives you want to focus on.

Define the process

Determine your processes; import existing playbooks
or use Midaxo’s best practice templates.

Execute plans

Work collaboratively, following standardized, continuously improving processes and best practices.

Measure progress

Analyze the aggregate performance of your processes or drill down to individual projects or tasks.


Realize goals faster

Execute best practices and run multiple cases in parallel.

Do better deals

Make well-informed decisions with confidence and ensure alignment with your strategic objectives.

Minimize risk

Deals go through a standard set of considerations. Continuous learning reduces mistakes.

Reduce costs

Use consultants more efficiently and train new resources faster.

Store documents

Keep all your documents in one place and shared with necessary stakeholders.

Keep data safe

Robust security controls ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data.


M&A and corporate development

Corporate and legal

M&A transactions

Establish a world-class M&A process to evaluate opportunities systematically, perform due diligence and execute deals.

Lean and Six Sigma

Have corporate Six Sigma initiatives managed systematically. Give teams actionable best practice tools and track progress.

Post-merger integration (PMI)

Capture integration synergies more quickly by managing all integration streams in a single system.

Filing patents

Systematize corporate patent filing processes to capture better the value of inventions and save process costs.

Contract and employee transfers (M&A)

Accelerate and systematize contract and employee transfer processes and realize synergies faster.


Ensure accurate and timely compliance filings. Stay on top of regulations and compliance requirements.

Reverse VDR

Increase due diligence productivity by inviting the seller to provide answers and upload documents.

Talent development

Create multi-year skill development programs for key talent. Track progress and results.


Maximize the deal price of your divestitures by managing deals from scoping through marketing, negotiations and deal-making.

Corporate initiatives

Have corporate initiatives go through a standardized set of steps from idea to approval and execution.


Coordinate carve-out planning systematically and ensure minimal interruptions to your core business during project execution.

Negotiated contracts

Shorten the lead time for making contracts and run more cases in parallel while producing consistent quality.


Systematically evaluate and execute alliance opportunities. Understand the big picture of alliances with different partners.


Manage the initiatives to reorganize the legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of subsidiaries.


Manage a large number of opportunities and use current and past projects and experiences. Have aggregate metrics available.

IP licensing

Manage IP licensing opportunities, process and renewal/termination of existing arrangements.


Drive corporate programs

  • Define processes, institutionalize best practices and facilitate continuous improvement.
  • View the big picture of overall progress and use analytics to understand the reasons behind the idea.
  • Drill down to individual business units, deals and details whenever necessary.

Drive deals from start to finish

  • Define and communicate clear project plans, based on best practice project templates.
  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to execute the plan, manage issues and share documents.
  • Maintain sight of the big picture and easily create reports to support the goal.

Work efficiently and save time

  • Have clear goals, best practice guidance, and good transparency of progress.
  • Have a central hub to work in, collaborate and access relevant documents.
  • Reduce micromanagement by allowing teams to work independently.


The Midaxo Community is a collaborative group of users who share best practices and advise each other on cutting-edge process improvements.