Platform Overview
Conquer Your Most Strategic Processes with Midaxo’s Cloud-Based Platform

From screening and evaluation to transaction and implementation, Midaxo is the solution of choice for managing multiple projects and driving more systematic knowledge processes.

Originally built for pipeline management, due diligence and post-merger integration, Midaxo is now used for corporate venturing, divestments, legal operations and more.

Construct and Visualize Pipeline

Build a pipeline for projects (targets, cases, candidates, or just projects) with clear stage gates that fit your process. Assess pipeline health with real-time reporting.

Construct and Visualize Pipeline

Configure the pipeline to fit your process with the flexibility of Midaxo. Build stage gates, add projects or targets to further evaluate, select and execute on.

Save time and ensure consistency in target company data. Search for and add 15 key data fields to your project with Midaxo Analytics.

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Visualize key metrics and activity across your pipeline with powerful analytics. Maintain live dashboards and eliminate tedious data collection.

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Identify and focus on your best fit prospects with target scoring. Tailor scoring criteria against your strategic objectives.

Effortlessly prepare updates with one-click reports. Ensure that your deal team is always looking at the most up-to-date deal data and metrics.

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Create Tasks Leveraging Best Practices

For each project or across multiple projects in your pipeline, define your process with existing playbooks or procedures. Hit the ground running with Midaxo's expert-developed playbooks and dashboards.


Upload task lists from Microsoft Excel or Word and map columns to Midaxo fields. Copy and paste tasks or import them from projects or templates.

Add guidance to each task. Enable new team members to execute quickly and alleviate reliance on expert team members.

Transform your M&A execution with playbooks developed in collaboration with experts. Leverage collections of process roadmaps, task lists, and best practices.

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Ensure you are tracking the right metrics and views for the most visibility across project pipelines or task progress with preconfigured dashboards and reports.

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Centralize Work and Collaboration

Create one centralized source of truth with a secure, collaborative, cloud-based solution. No more switching between disparate systems. Work securely with in-house and external teams.

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Centralize Work and Collaboration

Assign and manage tasks, add instructions, give due dates, and manage cross-stream dependencies. Automate task follow-ups and notifications.

Control what projects, tasks and documents team members can access. Create groups and restrict views and downloads.

Centralize and manage all documents in one location. Add status notes and comments as the documents are completed. Check archived document logs.

Track every individual case through the process checkpoints and ensure good governance.

Track and Monitor Progress

Measure progress and identify as you execute your plans. Eliminate admin work and allot more time to other strategic projects.

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Track and Monitor Progress

Flag issues as your team works through tasks. Track issues across tasks with a single view that shows severity, status, and corrective guidance.

Visualize and monitor progress across multiple projects. Prevent surprises by understanding task progress and identifying bottlenecks and delays sooner.

Promote accountability and transparency by individuals, project, workstream, or group. Understand workloads and reassign tasks to finish projects on-time.

Build Better Processes

Continually improve your process and minimize risks by incorporating project lessons learned into your process.


Streamline projects with a clear, structured process with templates and playbooks.

Accumulate best practices and constantly improve your process. Minimize future risks by continually adding or adjusting tasks and guidance.

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