Pipeline and Task-Level Analytics
Actionable M&A data at your fingertips.

Monitor all aspects of your M&A pipeline and task-level execution:

  • Track and monitor progress across Due Diligence and Integration
  • Maximize project management effectiveness
  • Track progress against Corporate Development and M&A goals
  • Visualize pipeline metrics and activity
  • Identify your best fit prospects with target scoring
  • Ensure consistency in target data
  • Save time with easily shareable automatic reports
  • Ensure compliance, governance, and full transparency to the CEO and Board
Target Scoring
Midaxo Task Level Reporting

Track and Monitor Progress Across Due Diligence and Integration

With Task-Level Reporting, create and leverage real-time dashboards and one-click reports to stay informed between update meetings.

  • Ensure you and key stakeholders are aware of delays and holdups
  • Identify and mitigate risks promptly across multiple projects
  • Pinpoint where documents are missing

Maximize Project Management Effectiveness

Promote accountability and transparency across teams with Task-Level Reporting with Midaxo.

  • Consolidate tasks across multiple projects
  • View tasks by individual, project, workstream, or segment
  • Visualize workloads and redistribute tasks to speedup projects
Midaxo Task Level Reporting Legal Workstream
Pipeline Dashboard.png
Midaxo Pipeline Management

Track Progress Against Corporate Development and M&A Goals

Midaxo Analytics is extremely flexible and lets you easily track all your M&A metrics, for instance:

  • Revenue & EBIT growth
  • Expansion in certain product lines/markets
  • Capital deployed to deals over the quarter/year
  • Post-merger Integration initiatives and results

Visualize Pipeline Metrics and Activity

Having visibility across your Pipeline Management process is critical to drive the best M&A outcomes. The smartest M&A teams in the world track standard metrics such as:

  • Number of targets being added to a pipeline
  • Target count per deal stage
  • Pipeline quality such as deal-close ratio
  • Understand why targets are being abandoned or lost
  • Target alignment to different business goals or target markets
Visualize Pipeline
Target Scoring - Report.png
Pipeline Scoring

Identify Your Best Fit Prospects With Target Scoring

  • Identify and focus on the best fit deal opportunities
  • Qualify individual opportunities and match against your ideal target profile
  • Tailor scoring criteria against your strategic objectives and ideal target profile. Typical criteria may include market fit, customer overlap, cross-selling potential, valuation/deal size, technical compatibility, and cultural fit
Integration Report Card - Report.png

Save Time and Ensure Consistency in Target Data

A target company’s data is constantly changing. Midaxo Insights allows you to search for and add 15 key data fields to your project.

  • Ensure you have the latest, most accurate data for target evaluation
  • Report on a full and consistent set of information
  • Save time and resources by eliminating manual data entry
M&A Reporting
Integration Dashboard.png
Taget Overview Report

Save Time With Easily Shareable One-Click Reports

  • Generate one-page target overviews and more detailed business case pitch decks from pre-configured report frameworks with one-click
  • Ensure that a deal team is always looking at the most up-to-date deal data and metrics with real-time working
Integration Report Card - Report.png

Ensure Compliance, Governance, and Full Transparency to the CEO and Board

  • Support a formal reporting cadence and cross functional communication
  • Drive objective decision making with real-time visibility
  • Create custom graphs, charts, tables & KPIs at the individual/team/organizational level – ensure that the most important deal metrics are visible and easily understood
Integration Report

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