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We are committed to your satisfaction with our product. From capturing best practices to incorporating emerging technology, we are working with you and your peers to develop the newest innovations for your continued success.

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October 2019

Access In-Depth Visualization Sooner with 100+ Advanced Dashboards and Reports

Midaxo maintains an extensive collection of over 100 best practice dashboards and reports that were built in collaboration with top M&A teams and our consulting partners.Leverage the powerful analytics sooner and configure the dashboards and reports for your needs. Dashboards and reports are available for corporate development, due diligence, integration, divestments, and corporate venture capital.

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Multisite 4

April, 2019

Augment and Improve Your Processes with Midaxo’s Premium Playbooks

Browse our growing collection of playbooks built in partnership with Top M&A IB and Management Consultants

  • More than M&A - Get started with processes outside of traditional M&A, including mult-site management, legal operations, GDPR compliance, and more.
  • Rigorous guidance - Leverage playbook tasks and guidance developed by seasoned veterans.
  • Designed with customization and flexibility in mind - Fit the playbook to your process, not the other way around.
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February, 2019

Visualize and Track M&A Task Execution with Live Dashboards and Instant Reports

The powerful analytics technology available for project reporting has now been extended to task-level reporting.

  • Visualize progress across multiple projects and per individuals or groups.
  • Eliminate tedious admin work with a centralized environment and built-for-purpose reporting.
  • Ensure standardized, high quality reports by preconfiguring and reusing templates.
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November, 2018

Accelerate Target Evaluation and Ensure Consistency of Pipeline Data with Insights

A target company’s data is constantly changing. Midaxo Insights allows you to search for and add 15 key data fields to your project.

  • Ensure you have the latest, most accurate data for target evaluation
  • Report on a full and consistent set of information
  • Save time and resources by eliminating manual data entry
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October, 2018

Leverage the Powerful Analytics Sooner with Preconfigured Best Practices Dashboards

Midaxo Dashboards include preconfigured dashboards with drill down functionality and out-of-the-box, one-click multi-page reports.

  • Save time with preconfigured dashboards and reports available
  • Make faster decisions with real-time, high-quality dashboards and reports
  • Explore the growing collection of Midaxo Dashboards and Reports
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September, 2018

Hit the Ground Running with Best Practice Playbooks

Created in Partnership with Top M&A IB and Management Consultants, the Midaxo M&A Playbooks are robust and tested.

  • Hit the ground running with task lists, blueprints and more
  • Start with a robust plan for flawless execution
  • Accelerate your project and shift your focus to value creation
  • Customize processes with flexible templates
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Target Scoring Dashboard
Target Screening Screenshot

August, 2018

Have Actionable Target Data at Your Fingerprints With M&A Analytics

With powerful analytic capabilities for dashboards and reports, monitor all aspects of your M&A project execution and results.

  • Visualize pipeline metrics and activity real-time with live data refresh and dashboards
  • Identify your best fit prospects with target scoring
  • Save admin work and time with preconfigured templates, drag and drop functionality, and easy sharing
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