Premium Playbook for Divestments

About this Playbook

The divestment playbook contains guidance and tasks to be completed for a successful transaction, covering divestment strategy, buyer engagement, data room preparation, Day One separation, etc.

The playbook sets out a suggested hierarchical structure, levels of reporting, and escalation points across all the participating groups and individuals. It also details the suggested organizational structure of the Divestiture Management Office (DMO) – which should centrally drive and orchestrate all workstreams across a divestment.

The inclusion of tools and templates helps save executors valuable time while also enforcing consistency across different teams and business units.

Companies that have gone through previous divestments can supplement the playbook with their own tools/templates and incorporate lessons learned from previous deals.

Using the playbook will impart structure and direction and help a company better manage the complexities of the changes to operations that are native to a divestment.


Includes 36 supporting documents/templates/project tools, including:

  • Detailed valuation template
  • Guide to LOI and NDA
  • Divestment decision framework
  • Day 1 vision and blueprint template
  • Separation cost template

Covers the following sections:

  • Deal team
  • Divestment strategy
  • Transaction planning and pre-sale preparation
  • Deal formation
  • Due diligence and day one
  • Separation
  • Suggested document index (to populate in preparation for going live with potential buyers and commencing due diligence).

*Note: The Premium Comprehensive Divestment Playbook is available to Midaxo customers at an additional cost.

Image of Premium Playbook
Divestment screen

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