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Legal Entity Rationalization

About this Playbook

Working with industry leading experts, and based on methodology used by Fortune 100 companies, Midaxo has developed a playbook for Legal Entity Rationalization that can guide any company through the process of complex business transformation efforts.

Common events triggering the need for legal entity rationalization:

  • M&A Transactions
  • Alliances and Joint ventures
  • Divestments
  • Entering or exiting markets
  • Business restructuring
  • Tax planning initiatives

Common benefits:

  • Reduced admin costs
  • Simpler governance
  • Tax planning

Midaxo’s legal entity rationalization solution is a combination of comprehensive Legal Entity Rationalization playbook, (optimized for the Midaxo platform), 20+ document templates + the award-winning Midaxo cloud platform.

Midaxo's legal entity rationalization solution enables leadership to efficiently manage legal entity changes while saving costs, mitigating risk and streamlining legal entity governance.

Lead Author: Gregg Clark
Gregg has 20+ years of M&A Advisory experience with EY and Accenture and has served as an advisor to Midaxo since 2018. He has led all aspects of M&A deals including multiple Legal Entity Rationalization Programs.

Contributing Author: Tom Allen, Head of M&A and Corporate Development, Midaxo
Tom has led and worked on numerous M&A projects, many being cross border. Tom’s experience spans acquisitions, divestments, due diligence, VC rounds, valuations and IPO to the London Stock Exchange, etc. Tom is a Chartered Accountant (ACA), member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants England & Wales (ICAEW) and started his career in financial services at PwC.

*Note: This Core Midaxo Playbook is available with Midaxo at an additional cost.


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