Best Practice Dashboards and Reports

End-to-End Visibility and Business Intelligence

Good Corp Dev programs look at the Finding, Evaluating and Delivering phases of a deal separately.

Great Corp Dev programs address the full deal lifecycle holistically.

Here’s how Midaxo’s customizable in-app dashboards deliver full visibility.

Analyze the status of your Target Sourcing and Due Diligence activities, customized to your specific stages.

Customize by adding views by industry, deal lead, geography and more.

Report on the status of your Due Diligence and Post-merger Integration tasks.

Quickly identify and address activities that need attention and the responsible individuals.

Analyze the projected impact of your
Corp Dev activities by stage, metric, and more.

Analyze and report on how projects compare across multiple dimensions.

See how recently your program data has been updated to understand which ones need attention.

Get insights into multiple aspects of your Due Diligence and Post-merger Integration programs

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