M&A Analytics: Slides

Dynamic Slides Update Automatically, Saving Valuable Hours of Analysis


Choose Pre-Built or Design Your Own

  • Select from a list of best-practice templates corporate development teams use daily
  • Customize new slides, save templates, or design unique reports to satisfy demand
  • Translate pipeline, project, & stage-gate data into a visual format that is easy to digest

Slides allow users to showcase dynamic, auto-generated presentations to their team in minutes. Choose from a range of pre-set best-practice options or explore and save custom reports. 


Save Valuable Hours with Auto-Updates

  • Slides track everything that goes on in the pipeline, updating data in real-time 
  • Pair with Outlook Integration to track employee and contact behaviors, identifying strong suits & weak points
  • Develop standard views tailored to the programmatic acquirer’s investment criteria
  • Analyze where projects are in your stage gates, quickly visualizing where bottlenecking may occur
  • Monitor full deal lifecycle from early-stage opportunity assessment through deal close

If information is valuable, data that automatically generates & updates are priceless. Save hours of analytical time checking and double-checking reports and focus on your most promising prospects. 


Native Presentation Mode

  • In-app presentations require no additional applications or software to manage, all of your data is ready to go
  • Use our Midaxo Mobile App to update slides, showcase findings, and share presentations in the field or out-of-office
  • Include custom branding and cover pages, including company colors and logos to personalize your display
  • Be confident that all analytics and reporting outputs are coming from one central source of truth. Eliminate the issues that stem from outdated or missing metrics.

Slides provide your corporate development team with the ability to present anywhere, from a laptop, desktop, or even a cell phone. Data is directly tied to your pipeline of projects, ensuring real-time updates that would otherwise be missed while using other platforms. Export to PowerPoint is readily available to add to existing decks.


Automated Analytics, Powerful Reports

Looking for a new tool to report on your pipeline or to export pipeline data to PowerPoint? We've got you covered. Build out custom slides or utilize pre-built best-practice reports that are ready to go for out-of-the-box presenting power. 

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