Synergy & KPI Tracking
Plan, Track and Report on Value Creation


Visualize Financial & Operational Improvements

Track Value Capture

Maximize value creation opportunities from your deal.

Report in Real-Time

Visualize value creation over time with real-time dashboards & one-click reports.

See the Full Picture

Single source of truth for initiative and synergy management.

3.Synergies by Initiative

Dedicated Module for Value Capture

This new module within the Midaxo platform provides the functionality to add initiatives and sub-initiatives to an integration program, track financial & operational metrics and KPIs and report on progress with real-time dashboards and one-click reports. One platform, one place for everything.

We’ve worked closely with our leading consulting partners and global M&A teams to ensure the Synergy & KPI Tracking module is powerful, easy to implement and flexible enough to fit your deal.

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Track Initiatives, Metrics and KPIs

  • Build a value creation plan and ensure the original deal rationale is delivering value;
  • Import data from/to Excel; 
  • Prioritize value creation initiatives, add metrics for each initiative and define KPIs — including cost, revenue and capital synergies, headcount, costs to achieve;
  • Add detailed notes to initiatives and set teams up for success;
  • Monitor value capture against initial estimates, re-forecast and realized;
  • Track financial and operational performance at the initiative, workstream or overall program level.
1.Synergy Snapshot
2.Synergies by Workstream

Powerful Analytics Reporting

  • Spend less time reporting and more time working on the areas that matter most;
  • Toggle between multiple integration programs and view value capture with a few clicks;
  • Ensure consistency of reporting and keep leadership updated with pre-configured real-time dashboards and one-click reports;
  • Eliminate information bottlenecks and make informed decisions with confidence;
  • Understand the progress of initiatives and track the delivery of value.

Try Out Our Synergy Planner for Value Modeling

An interactive and visual tool, the Midaxo Synergy Planner allows you to simulate different value creation scenarios and project anticipated synergies. Add in your key cost and revenue assumptions and the tool will help you with realization of synergies and projected cost over time.

Advantages of the Midaxo Synergy & KPI Tracking Module


Add unlimited initiatives/sub initiatives, metrics and KPIs

Designed to Fit Your Deal

Customizable data inputs and reporting outputs

Expert Led Software Development

Built in consultation with top M&A consulting firms and global M&A teams

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