4 Steps to Build a Winning M&A Pipeline

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Building a successful M&A pipeline is challenging. Your team must focus on the right targets for your organization, analyze them effectively, and maintain relationships with those targets over time in a changing marketplace. And as a leader, you must build continuing improvement into your process based on your experience with each deal. 

How do the best in the business do it? What lessons have they learned?  

You will hear Joerg Windbichler, Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Integrations at SoftwareOne and Sarah Beltz DoBias, PMP, Assistant Director, Corporate Development at Crowe discuss their best practices for building a winning M&A pipeline that accelerates their companies’ growth.  

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  • Identify the right targets, both on-market and off-market, that align with your organization’s strategy 
  • Research and analyze a wide range of targets to prioritize the best fits 
  • Help your team maintain and manage relationships with your key targets over time as the market and your targets change
  • Capture key learnings from your pipeline process and embed them as best practices to improve future efforts 

Discover how the modern way of working deals can help your organization achieve better transaction outcomes, faster.​ 


Joerg Windbichler
Executive VP of Acquisitions and Integrations, SoftwareOne

Joerg Windbichler

Joerg Windbichler is Executive Vice President of A&I (Acquisitions and Integrations) at SoftwareOne, a leading global software and cloud solutions provider. He is responsible for driving its growth strategy through mergers and acquisitions as well as integrating acquired companies into SoftwareOne’s business lines. Joerg has been working in the M&A field since 2001, across multiple firms and sectors. He holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a Master in Economics from the University of Vienna.

Sarah Beltz
Assistant Director, Corporate Development, Crowe

Sarah Beltz

Sarah is an accomplished PMP certified project manager and Six Sigma Greenbelt with exceptional management, leadership and planning skills. She has extensive experience successfully delivering M&A due diligence, integration, strategic planning, business process improvement, software implementations and compliance projects for iconic brands.

Charles Cautley
Chief Product Officer,

Charles Cautley

Charles has held global commercial and technology leadership roles for Fortune 500 companies around the world. During his distinguished career he has won awards for product leadership at GE, PWC, AT&T, GTECH and TomTom. Charles holds a degree from the London School of Economics and is a Six Sigma Blackbelt.

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