Delivering Value: General Real Estate Rationalization

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Real Estate Rationalization (RER) is a process to simplify a company’s real estate footprint and match it to strategic and operational demands. The outcomes of a dedicated rationalization program can be significant and include operating and administrative cost savings, the freeing up of capital to redeploy to other initiatives, the optimization of space, and ultimately, a real estate footprint designed in-step with company’s corporate strategy and business operations.

In this guide, we cover:

  • The drivers of real estate rationalization – there’s a multitude of drivers behind why a company might need to consider rationalization of their real estate footprint – we outline the most common.
  • An Overview of Midaxo’s real estate rationalization solution – working with industry-leading experts, and based on the methodology used by Fortune 100 companies, Midaxo has developed a playbook for Real Estate Entity Rationalization – optimized to be executed on within the Midaxo platform.
  • A 3-step best practice framework – (i) Visibility & Roadmap (ii) Execution (iii) Benefits Realization.
  • Critical success factors – to maximize the odds of a successful real estate rationalization program.

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