Synergies in M&A: A Framework for Value Creation

Guide front page - Synergies in M&A: A Framework for Value Creation

Value creation is the key driver of M&A for most companies yet over 50% of deals fail to deliver on the promise of value. Refocusing your efforts to understanding value creation levers, estimating value creation potential, formulating a strategy and being aware of critical success factors can set your next acquisition up for success.

In this 50-page guide, we cover:

  • Levers for value creation including a detailed discussion on cost, revenue, and capital synergies;
  • Strategy for value creation including value creation phases, value creation potential, costs to achieve, and negative synergies;
  • 11 Critical success factors to maximize the odds of value creation;
  • A roadmap for value creation including estimating & planning for synergies and executing, tracking and reporting on value creation initiatives.

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