7 Tips and Tricks for Successful Technology Due Diligence and Integrations

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The majority of acquisition failures are due to problems during post-merger integration. Challenges rationalizing the technologies, processes, and technical and product teams of two companies can be a major hurdle to success. Poor technology due diligence can result in unexpectedly high integration costs, cultural clashes and dysfunction, a lack of business scalability, and missed business opportunities.

On September 26th we spoke with Mart Lumeste, Co-founder of Intium about the best practices leading companies follow when conducting technology due diligence, creating technology integration playbooks, managing technical teams post-acquisition, and integrating technologies post-merger.

By the end of this 45-min webinar, you will learn:

  • The rationale for performing technology due diligence
  • Best practices for conducting technology due diligence
  • Tips for planning an effective post-merger technology integration
  • Best practices to ensure the technology integration stays on plan and on budget

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