An M&A Best Practice Webinar How to Make Roll-Ups Worth It

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A Conversation with Virtas Partners on Managing Risk through Structured Integration Programs

Experts predict add-on and roll-up activity to be a large portion of the M&A pie in 2021, yet research shows that almost 2/3 of roll-up strategies fail to create value for investors. So how do you make a roll-up worth it? We are excited to have Virtas Partners share their insights and best practices for mitigating risk and creating value with roll-up strategies through structured integration programs.

This webinar was hosted by Galina Wolinetz, Managing Director at Virtas Partners, where she leads Integration & Separation practice. Galina has 25 years of industry experience in execution of corporate strategic growth initiatives. As an executive program leader she has supported and led post-merger integration programs, ranging from $10M up to $18B+, generating near $1B in synergies.

In this webinar, Galina and Jonathan discuss:

  • The case for a structured approach to post-merger integration in roll-up strategies
  • Defining key priorities and steps during program setup
  • Driving engagement and synergies with the right tools
  • Q&A

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