Build Due Diligence Processes that Promote Quality and Velocity

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Quality and velocity in M&A due diligence work is crucial for eliminating poor-fit deals quickly, improving negotiations, winning bids and qualifying for deal insurance coverage. With lacking checklists or guidance and slow communication, due diligence can drag on or teams can fail to uncover key risks.

Jen Dyment and William Drummy discuss how top corporate development teams leverage Midaxo for faster, more thorough due diligence. Learn how they:

  • Stopped Reinventing the Wheel- the difference it made to move ahead with a clearly defined playbook and a plan with goals, tasks, and timelines.
  • Executed with Velocity – by collaborating with teams in-house and externally, while uploading documents securely.
  • Tracked Progress- making decisions and confidently moving ahead with visibility into progress and raised issues.

Webinar Length: 35 minutes with audience poll and followed by Q&A with our featured speaker.

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