Conversation with PwC: Restarting Your Integration Program

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As the world looks at options for economic recovery, acquirers are thinking about restarting integration initiatives that were put on hold when the crisis hit. Mid-term recessionary pressures, the high cost of capital, and uncertainty about the future make the decision on the timing and nature of the restart difficult. But integration programs provide a unique opportunity to deliver synergies and help stabilize and accelerate an otherwise shaky recovery.

Join us for a 45-minute live webinar hosted by Tom Vandeloo, Partner, Value Creation in Deals at PwC, and Johnathan Millett, Director of Partnerships at Midaxo. The conversation between Tom and Johnathan will focus on how acquirers can chart a path that will minimize cash outflows and maximize synergies while shifting the organization to a capability model that will succeed in the new world.

In this webinar, learn:

  • How critical changes in the business environment will fundamentally alter integration plans
  • How to re-align your integration strategy to the new environment
  • How to re-prioritize your integration plan and team based on the new strategy
  • Why you need to execute with “people and culture” at the center
  • How Midaxo and technology plays a role

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