How to Build a Winning M&A Pipeline

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In this webinar, Jude McColgan (CEO, Midaxo) and Vilius Audinis, PhD (Head of Product Management, Midaxo) reveal the key to reviewing 5x more targets and building a winning M&A pipeline using a systematic and repeatable approach.

Deal teams that use a systematic and repeatable approach for M&A screen 5x more targets and originate more deals. In fact, McKinsey has found that programmatic M&A delivers dramatically better performance than all other strategies.*

So, how do you implement these tactics and create more value, faster?

The speakers cover the following topics:

  • How to identify, prioritize, and monitor targets using AI and data enrichment
  • Best practices for deal scoring and finding valuable targets
  • How to maintain rich, meaningful relationships using a deal CRM
  • Creating reports to get the answers you need for real-time data-driven decisions

*Data from McKinsey Quarterly, October 2021

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