Market Outlook & Customer Spotlight: Cooptalis

Cooptalis is a French international mobility company that assists organizations with talent acquisition and candidates with mobility. To support their expansion, Cooptalis began working with Midaxo last year, and has continued to see rapid growth.

Join us for a webinar featuring Cooptalis to hear about their growth story and M&A strategy as a private equity-backed company. We’ll also explore how they use Midaxo to realize their goals and how they have created a successful strategy for add-on acquisitions.

In this webinar, learn about:

  • Cooptalis’ growth story and the role M&A plays in it
  • How Cooptalis identified a need for a platform to support their M&A efforts
  • Why they chose Midaxo and the benefits realized so far
  • How they see Midaxo evolving for their future needs as they scale

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