PMI Cost Savings = Real Savings: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

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Research by leading consultancy firms indicates that supply chain synergies may constitute 30%-50% of merger-related increases in shareholder value. The purchase of goods and services often represents more than half of a company’s total costs, so procurement usually delivers a significant share of total synergies, with savings estimated to range from 5-25%. Procurement integration is therefore integral to delivering shareholder value.

In this webinar, Bernard Gunther of Spendata will discuss how to unlock value from procurement integration. The agenda covers:

  • An overview of why generating indirect cost-savings is important to merger economics;
  • An analysis of how procurement integration can unlock value and prevent cost savings “being left on the table”;
  • Target areas to consider in achieving additional cost savings;
  • How to put the proposed theories into practice;
  • Recommendations on the data you need to be monitoring and analyzing to track your success in leveraging these tactics.

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