Preserving the Spark: Realizing Value When Acquiring Smaller Companies

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Consider this: your company has decided to acquire a small company because you are impressed with their technology and people. And now your Post-Merger Integration (PMI) process will determine whether your organization captures the projected deal value or destroys it. One of the biggest challenges faced by big companies is the lack of adequate resources allocated for the smooth integration of small acquisitions.

This webinar discussed best practices for PMI – focusing on the special challenges presented when acquiring smaller companies – and how to maximize value while preserving the essence of your acquisitions.

Galina Wolinetz, Managing Director of Virtas Partners, shared her expertise and experiences working first-hand with the teams that carry out these deals, addressed the common challenges associated with these transactions, and provided practical solutions for mitigating them.

This webinar addresses the following topics:

  • Benefits and challenges of buying small
  • How a project management platform can help teams achieve more success in realizing value
  • Best practices for maximizing the value of transactions like acqui-hires and rollups

And concludes with a 15-min Q&A session.

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