Synergies in M&A: A Framework for Value Creation

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We are all familiar with the statistics – approximately 50% of deals fail to deliver on the promise of value creation. For a deal to deliver intended value, it is vital that synergies are captured in a timely manner, which is dependent on having the proper roadmap, strategy for value creation, and execution plan to track the progress of synergies.

Carlos Keener, a Managing Partner of M&A at Beyond the Deal, and Tom Allen, Head of Corporate Development and M&A at Midaxo, discuss a framework that is intended to help M&A teams extract the most value from their deals across a number of key areas.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • The 3 Main Levers for Value Creation – cost, revenue, and capital
  • Value Creation Strategies – start early and know the costs to achieve
  • Critical Success Factors – what are they and how do they help maximize the chance of a successful deal
  • A Roadmap for Value Creation – plan, execute, track, report

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