The Ultimate Guide to Smart M&A

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Help your organization run a modern M&A process, from deal pipeline management through due diligence to post-merger integration.

Smart companies constantly review and adjust their portfolio of businesses to thrive in today’s fast-moving world. Driving active, efficient and transparent corporate development, particularly M&A, has become a core institutional competency. Yet many acquirers are still running their M&A process today the same way they did a quarter‑century ago — with fragmented processes, a siloed culture and disjointed productivity tools. To build the M&A engine needed today acquirers must rethink their culture, processes and enabling technologies.

Market leaders find, evaluate and realize value from their dealmaking faster and with less risk by implementing effective processes and systems. Read this guide to learn how the leading M&A teams are using purpose-built M&A technology platforms to:

  • Review 5x more deals and find the best ones
  • Fast track due diligence processes by 50%, and
  • Accelerate post merger integration processes by 40%.

See how Daimler, HPE, Nokia, and Verizon take a smarter M&A approach to transforming their M&A function.

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